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FIFA president Gianni Infantino open to changing offside rule - English Premier League News
ESPN - 2020/02/28
The FC guys say VAR is what needs to be fixed, not the offside law. FIFA president Gianni Infantino says he is open to changes to the offside law to help address problems that have arisen since the introduction of VAR video reviews. Football's law-making body and the International FA Board (IFAB) will meet on Saturday and discuss VAR and the offside law, although no proposal has been tabled for a concrete law change. Editor's Picks Top 30 players under 21 in men's soccer Freddy Adu: 'I'm not ready to give it up' - Viewers guide: Stream ESPN+ in U.S. - Follow Transfer Talk LIVE - Fantasy: Set lineups, check scores! Frustration in England's Premier League with VAR ruling out goals for tiny margins of offside, in some cases involving heels and armpits, has... - Read more at here