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World Cup over - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Sun, 02 Nov 2008 21:20:00 GMT
Australia has officially given World Cup spectators a good reason not to bother watching this year’s final following an easy 52-4 win over England at the Telstra Dome.
Leading 22-4 at half-time care of two tries to Greg Inglis and individual touchdowns to Billy Slater and Anthony Laffranchi, any hope of a contest quickly turned out to be false hope.
Instead we ended up with a head-on collision between a monster truck (Australia) and a mini-minor (Great Britain) and in the end witness one team score nine tries to one.
Billy Slater and Greg Inglis proved to be England’s ultimate achilles heel with the Melbourne Storm teammates both securing hat-tricks in an otherwise disappointing night for international rugby league.
Sunday’s victory effectively means there are no meteorites left in the World Cup capable of ending the Kangaroos eternal reign with the champions defeating both the Kiwis and England by massive margins in the opening two weeks of the tournament (sigh!).
Perhaps we could ring up the Australian Rugby Union and find out if the Wallabies are available for a one-off appearance on November 22, because the way things are headed that might be the only way of guaranteeing some sort of contest.
WANTED. Someone that can BEAT the KANGAROOS. Will pull pants down for a final where there are two teams playing. Amen.
Australia is to be congratulated for skillfully executing any remaining semblance of interest in this event.
As for England, I can understand why they changed their name from Great Britain…it’s bleeding obvious there is nothing great to look forward to with this mob.
The World Cup is as Peter Fitzsimons so truthfully labeled it in his column last week “a sad joke!”. Only this journalist isn’t laughing, he’s crying.
Crying out for more of what we got on Friday night between Samoa and Tonga and less of the rubbish that wasted everybody’s time on Sunday November 2nd, 2008, one of the blackest days in our sport.
It’s fairly evident after tonight that it’s time to make way for more annual fixtures involving most of the countries that participated minus the Kangaroos who once again have proven to be a hindrance to our code not a help.
Am I a weak Australian for wanting to see the Kangaroos lose? No, I am like most of you out there, a sports fan who has grown weary of the same pathetic ritual being coughed up again and again.
It’s time to give the Aussies a rest and a long one at that. They've certainly earned it.
AUSTRALIA 52 (Billy Slater (3), Greg Inglis (3), Anthony Laffranchi (2), Joel Monaghan tries; Scott Prince (8/10) ENGLAND 4 (James Roby try; Kevin Sinfield (0/1)) - Read More, Here