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What next for Smith? - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Tue, 08 Jan 2008 06:18:00 GMT
The future of Eels halfback Tim Smith could be a little clearer later today after his management meets with club officials.

Smith - who has since completed his rehabilitation - will have his progress reported before any future decision is made on his future in the number 7 jersey at Parramatta in 2008.

Suspended indefinately following a round of cheeky drunken incidents last month, the depressed 2005 Rookie of the Year will have his medical condition taken into account when coach Michael Hagan and general manager Greg Mitchell meet with his manager, David Riolo, later today.

Eels CEO Denis Fitzgerald told the Daily Telegraph Smith's future could not be assured at this stage.

"Nothing is guaranteed," admitted Fitzy.

"At this stage it's still the same - he is suspended indefinately."

The 22-year-old halfback - did not return to training yesterday and has had his biography officially removed from the website, raising concerned curiosity amongst some in the media.

But as usual there is a simple explanation for what could be construed by some as a great story in the making.

"It's simply a matter that he has been suspended, so he is no longer on the website as a player," Fitzgerald said.

Meanwhile in other bads news for the blue and gold , an online fan known as 'Big Poppa Eel' is on the verge of leaving a Parramatta forum on another website.

"I have been ridiculed and made to feel as if I have done or said something wrong," Big Poppa Eel said.

"If some people can't understand something when they read it then it probably not worth posting as it will constantly be taken out of context in only by a select few." - Read More, Here