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Website war erupts - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 11 Feb 2009 08:34:00 GMT
NRL fans are having a good laugh over a war of words which has convinced one Sydney newspaper to give two rugby league websites valuable free publicity during the global financial crisis.

According to the Daily Telegraph two groups of fans on rival Bulldogs websites have resorted to "death threats, sexual innuendo, racism, prank calls and talk of gang bashings."

And why has this happened?

It's alleged that members of popular website, the Kennel, are angered by the establishment of rival BluenWhite.

Bloggers of the new site are claiming they've been terrorised on forums by Kennel members.

Either that or its been a slow news week in the print media which might explain why this is the second largest Rugby League story doing the rounds in the DT today.

BluenWhite member, Mathew Attard, 18, claims he was threatened with his life last year.

"I was told by a bloke at the Kennel that they couldn't wait to see me at the Newcastle game and that they would 'fucking kill me you fat cunt'," Attard alleges.

Danny Jarman, the Kennel administrator was quick to respond to the claims.

"I can't find any evidence to back up the accusations."

"If I do find evidence, those people will be permanently banned."

BluenWhite founder Brendon Meynell is also claiming that some people from the Kennel are posing as players and making threats.

"It looks like players are threatening to bash up their own fans," said Meynell. (Ed's note: Yeah, right!)

GRL can also exclusively reveal that the Easter Bunny who follows the Eels is rumoured to be too scared to attend future NRL games after long-time Manly fan, the Tooth Fairy, threatened to take out his wisdom teeth without anesthetic if Parramatta wins the premiership in 2009.

Bulldogs CEO Todd Greenberg - who is not concerned that the season is on the line as a result of this comical feud - succinctly summed up his reaction to the most pressing issue the game is facing.

"We are pleased with preparations for our 2009 campaign and a childish feud among rival websites hardly warrants our attention. " - Read More, Here