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War of Words - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 13 Feb 2009 09:21:00 GMT
Manly fans are probably not doing the eagle rock following reports of a heated exchange involving the club's owners at the end of an exciting board meeting yesterday.

After reading the Daily Telegraph, GRL understands that the two owners of Manly became involved in a war of words in the aftermath of a dramatic board room meeting that resulted in Chief Executive Grant Meyer resigning.

Meyer made the shocking decision after the board voted 5-2 against re-appointing him for a further two-years.

The real music to the ears of every Manly fan came when co-owner and chairman Sean Penn accused second co-owner Max Delmage of failing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars owed to the club in sponsorship and equity.

But wait. There's still more.No really, there is.

Penn went further and said he could NOT guarantee Manly's future.

"This board is totally dysfunctional at the moment" Penn said.

"This place is in jeapordy. Absolutely it is at risk.

"There are four parties on the board - the Penns, the Delmeges, the Football Club and the Leagues club.

"We (the Penns) are the only one's putting money in. We will be doing everything we can to stop this place falling over. But I can't guarantee that."

Delmege fired back at the very serious accusations.

"We have put in $12.75 million to Manly. He has put in $2.175 million," Delmege said.

"I am very disappointed with his comments. My intention has always been to save Manly. That has been proven by the amount of money I have put in."

So why then did Meyer not get the numbers to extend his tenure in a role many believe was responsible for helping re-create Manly's recent success on the football field?

Delmege claims: "We asked him for a three-year business plan and it didn't happen. Then he spat the dummy and resigned."

Meyer disputes resigning saying he simply didn't seek a contract extension.

Which war should worry Rugby League officials more? The Manly millionaire's row or the Bulldogs V Bulldogs forum feuds. Share your thoughts with us in the contact form below. - Read More, Here