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Waldrons response - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 03 Oct 2008 11:38:00 GMT
In response to today’s media release from the NRL regarding concerns of individuals on the NRL judiciary, Melbourne CEO Brian Waldron issued the following statement.
“We are yet to receive any formal or legal notification from judicial members of their concerns.
“In relation to the comments made at the post game press conference last Friday, we acknowledge receipt of email correspondence from judicial chairman Greg Woods. We have responded in writing to these concerns highlighted by Greg Woods via NRL CEO David Gallop.
“In our response we made it clear that we were comfortable with addressing issues of concern the judiciary members have with them early next week. We have also offered to meet the judiciary members in person next week to discuss their concerns and at this time that offer has been declined.
“It is important to note that we do take seriously the concerns highlighted by judicial members and at no time have we stated or inferred that we will not address their concerns at the appropriate time.
“It is our belief that the focus of this week has to be on the culmination of the NRL home and away competition that of course being the Grand Final on Sunday.
“We do not wish in any way to undermine the history and tradition of Sunday with an unnecessary distraction that can be dealt with next week. I am sure this is also the belief of all parties involved in this current off-field dispute.
“We believe this is in the best interests of the NRL Grand Final on Sunday, and also of course rugby league in general.” - Read More, Here