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The UnManly rivalry - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Thu, 10 Apr 2008 13:34:00 GMT
Rugby League fans in Victoria will be hoping the last laugh doesn’t come at the expense of the Melbourne Storm following the release of an advertisement taking the piss out of Manly.
During an online advertisement promoting Friday’s Grand Final replay between the Sea Eagles and the Storm, Storm Man writes “WO” in front of Manly to suggest the Sea Eagles are WOMANLY.

To see what every Manly fan is upset about, click on the Storm Man image below.

The Sea Eagles were not amused by the advertisement which was sent to sponsors, media and club contacts.
“It’s just embarrassing for the game”, Manly chief executive Grant Mayer said after watching the ad on YouTube.
“They have obviously spent their marketing budget on the legal defences of their tackling techniques.
“I just hope the same bloke who organised it isn't in charge of pre-match entertainment."
Melbourne chief executive Brian Waldron said Mayer was just being a "sook".

"Sooky, sooky, la la," Waldron said.

"Do we care what Grant Mayer says?"
Sounds like making of a great rivalry worthy of being included in a book of feuds.
As this goes to press Manly are struggling to find support for their fury at the cheeky commercial with many YouTube viewers giving it the thumbs up.
“I think by whining and complaining they really have proved that they are in fact WoManly,” wrote KatoKaboom.
“HAHAHHA womanly i love it!.. i f$%k@ng love it!.. go the storm!,” was the response of JoshiMoxey.

Not everyone thought the commercial was a great success though.
“I don't know whether having a guy promoting the game wearing tight purple lycra is anymore manly”, replied Spike on the LeagueUnlimited forum.
According to the GRL Traitor however the ad doesn’t go far enough and both teams should be MAN enough to add a gutsy stipulation to the game.
“ I think the members of the losing team including the coach should have to wear make-up to training all next week.,” the GRL Traitor added.
“You tell me then we won’t get a great game of footy when two teams are fighting for not only competition points but also their reputations.
“I don’t know where I get such great ideas from. Genius is a mystery to me.” - Read More, Here