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The Origin Diaries - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 23 May 2007 18:59:00 GMT
Wednesday May 23:

The Origin Diaries:

Every year two of Australia’s most brutal tribes go to war. New faces don blue and maroon jerseys, politicians get displaced off the front page of the tabloids while Rugby League fans celebrate the fact that somebody’s going to get hurt. Ah yes, State of Origin is back. But for new fans of this popular mid-season contest, what is the experience of supporting NSW or QLD really like? Find out as the GRL Traitor shares with you some of the emotion from his personal diaries in the lead-up to tonight’s big match.


I woke up after my cattle dog, “Bluey” got out the back gate and decided to start barking at the front door to let me know he didn’t like freezing his backside off in the Sydney cold. Yet I was emotionally traumatized and unable to remove myself from under the covers. A nightmare overnight had left chills running up and down my spine. Such horror I hoped belonged only in the corners of my imagination. Having finished a cup of Irish tea on Tuesday night, all seemed good. QLD second-rower Carl Webb had been ruled out of Origin with an injury while the NSW Blues vowed not to let QLD bash our new number seven, Jarrod Mullen. I could rest easy. That was until I woke up in the middle of Suncorp Stadium. In front of me were 52,000 people celebrating a 50-0 win by QLD while I, dressed in my Blues top and boxer shorts, was spotted by some dickhead in the crowd who convinced others to start chucking 50,000 cans of aluminium beer cans on top of me. To make things worse, Alfie Langer then ran out onto the post-match celebratory podium and sang a new song called “the Blues can’t play.” Thankfully I woke up before any further salt could be rubbed in.


Bluey (the name of my blue cattle dog) was going bezerk. I was sure I hadn’t put red cordial in his water bottle the night before. What was his problem? I had to get up anyway because I couldn’t reach the alarm clock to turn off another one of those stupid workchoice ads telling us to phone John Howard personally if we were unfairly told we couldn’t have penalty rates anymore. Quicker then a coach being sacked, I hit the floor with both feet, did a sidestep past the lamp, collected the alarm clock, offloaded it out the window and then bolted down the hallway to the sunroom unmarked to see what the hell the dog was going on about. Turns out Bluey had cornered some bloke wearing a Maroons jersey who had spray painted the words “NSW wanker” in red spray up and down the white picket fence that I’d painted blue a few days ago. I tied up the culprit and rang up the State of Origin hotline. You know the one with the all the ads telling us if we see a Maroon walking down the street we should “be alert but not alarmed.” A very good service which I highly recommend.


Wrote my shopping list for all the stuff’ I’m going to need in preparation for tonight’s big match. It pretty much looks like this.

1.1 8-hour video tape.

2. A new VCR. The old one which I got for my 15th birthday broke down like a busted Maroon earlier in the week. Can’t afford those new DVD-recorders just yet unless Mr Howard gives me a raise on my dole.

3.Tomatoes to throw at my new widescreen TV if QLD wins.

4.A six pack of ginger beer. Don’t drink the real stuff, at least not around my mate Pete. Every year, Pete and I have this bet where we wage one hundred dollars on who can stay vertical on the lounge for the entire duration of the match after a dozen cans of VB. Peter has never beaten me and looks up to me as his alcoholic superman. He thinks I’m ‘the man’ and I guess I am for having the brains to come up with such a fool proof strategy.


Finished reading 16 pages worth of Origin stories in the Daily Telegraph. Don’t think I’ll buy today’s Herald as well. My brain is all puffed out. That’s 4 pages in the normal section of the paper plus the 12-page State of Origin 1 special they also included in the middle of today’s edition. I think it’s time to have some respite from the big clash. You guessed it. It’s breakfast time.

Returned from the big day out at breakfast that also included lunch. Ate two devon, tomato and cheese sandwiches to get me through till kick-off. Also picked up a copy of Rugby League Week but chose not to buy the State of Origin special for $6.50. Simply could not afford it on top of the booze, the new VCR, the dog babysitting fees and the lost earnings from taking a sickie off work. But I’m sure i’ll get my money back after placing $1000 bucks on QLD to win by 50-0. The experts are calling QLD favourites and if you can’t trust the experts, who can you trust?


A public venue has been chosen for where I will make my grand entrance to watch tonight’s game on the big screen. A red carpet was going to be rolled out upon my arrival but that would’ve given away my identity and after all the feedback I received a few weeks ago from some of the fans out there that hate what I write, on review this was scrapped. Had a quick chat with my Granny about the kid that everyone is talking about…Jarrod Mullen. She reckons the new NSW halves combination of Anasta and Mullen will struggle and that the Blues will have to resort to kicking field goals all night just to get some points on the board. Tonight’s prediction: Queensland to run over NSW like a steam train with no brakes and win by 20-points. - Read More, Here