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The 08 Forecast - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Mon, 10 Mar 2008 07:38:00 GMT
Only five days to go until the most important historic season of football kicks-off at a Stadium named after a bank.
As usual everybody thinks they are an NRL expert even before a Steedon ball has been knocked on, offloaded to the ball boy or kicked into the crowd and not returned.
The smell of Rugby League is in the air and that means it’s time for the staff at GRL to once again put their reputations on the line by predicting how all 16-teams will fare in 2008.
WARNING! Our season forecasts could be hazardous to your tips.
At the end of this year’s Grand Final, you the readers can then refer to this article and email us to either congratulate us for pin-point accuracy or you can basically take the mickey out us.
Josh King:
Premiers: Eels
Wooden Spoon: Wests Tigers
Grand Final: Eels V Cronulla
Top Eight: Melbourne, Parramatta, Cronulla, North Queensland, South Sydney, Brisbane, New Zealand, Gold Coast.

GRL Phantom:

Premiers: Eels
Wooden Spoon: Canberra
Grand Final: Parramatta V North QLD
Top Eight: Eels, Melbourne, NQLD, Cronulla, Manly, Roosters, Souths, Penrith.

Sunil Awasthi:

Premiers: Manly
Wooden Spoon: Canberra
Grand Final: Manly V Melbourne
Top Eight: Manly, Melbourne, Parramatta, North Queensland, Cronulla, Souths, roosters, Brisbane.

The Traitor:

Premiers: Canberra.
Wooden Spoon: Parramatta
Grand Final: Canberra V New Zealand
Top Eight: Penrith, Newcastle, Wests Tigers, Canberra, roosters, St.George, New Zealand, Cronulla - Read More, Here