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That's My Voice - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Thu, 08 May 2008 10:11:00 GMT

Face the facts. The only thing that will get tested in Friday's Centenary Test between Australia and New Zealand is the scoreboard attendants endurance.

After last year's 58-0 tidal wave in Wellington, interest in the international sector of our game was probably set back about 58-years or more.

Such a result could not have come at a worse time when the public was hoping for somebody to beat the shit out of the Kangaroos in the World Cup final.

Any semblance of faith in the 2005 Tri-Nations final being repeated was shot to pieces and as a result fans do not believe the Kiwis can win on Friday or in fact in the World Cup.

New Zealand for the record has never claimed a victory over Australia straight after being beaten by half-a-century or more.

The Aussies have only ever scored 50 points or more on the Kiwis in three matches played since 1908 yet the Kiwis have on average lost their next four games after the first two half-centuries were recorded. (52-0 in 2000 and 50-12 in 2006).

Their is nothing to indicate that New Zealand can break that average on Friday night.

The only hope now for Aussies who are bored stiff by the Aussies in international league is Great Britain.

And where they're at remains to be seen. We won't know what tricks Tony Smith can unleash on the Aussies until the World Cup.

Are people really surprised that ticket sales for the May 9 Centenary Test between Australia and New Zealand have been a little slow despite the great publicity for the game on the side of Sydney buses?

The stress of living continues to go through the roof thanks to the rising cost of general everyday expenses amongst the sporting public.

Rugby League fans were never going to be exempt from the rising cost of vital everyday items like alcohol, biscuits and bread.
Who on earth can afford to see a game of Test Football on a Friday night and then a club NRL game one or two days later? Not many fans I can assure you.
Round 9 of the NRL should have been set down into the calendar for May 16-19 by League officials. That way the Test match would have been the only first grade game being shown in Sydney this weekend.
People shouldn't have to go to double the expense of watching live footy.
Instead die-hard footy fans have had to make a choice between watching Test football in person and reserving a club game for the sunroom recliner parked in front of the widescreen or vica versa.

There was only ever going to be one result when it came to fan loyalty in this marketing contest.

What's the use of celebrating one-hundred years of football if the cat scatches the bonnett of my car because I bought it Snappy Bomb instead of Snappy Tom so I could save a few bucks to watch two games of footy?

NRL football will always be more important to Rugby League fans in this country and that has been proven by the vast masses prepared to sacrifice Test footy to stay loyal to geographic patriotism.
St George-Illawarra supporters should be seriously bamboozled after the opening 7 rounds.

On the one hand when the red V army lose (which they’ve mastered the art of very well this season), they do so by an average margin of 6.6 points but when they pick up a rare win, they go the distance and smack their opponents on average by a healthy 20 points.
So far this season both of their wins have been against top five teams.
Who are the real Dragons of 2008? Even Colombo would have difficulty trying to solve this mystery.

It took South Sydney 8 weeks to score victory number one. The last thing they needed heading into round 9 was a bye given the confidence was high and they’d finally found some momentum.
Any team in that situation needs more game time so they can compound the combinations that are finally starting to work out on the field.
They need as many games as possible to give themselves the ultimate chance of staying in the race for the top eight.

If the Rabbitohs can win a few more games before Craig Wing returns, they’ll be a more dangerous outfit.

That’s why I believe NRL clubs should be allowed to swap their bye with other teams if the coach feels the timing is a bit off. What do you think?
The two-competition points that the Rabbitohs get will place them on four points before they hop skotch their way down the Hume highway to Canberra next weekend.
But how much good will the bye do the Rabbitohs in the long-term? - Read More, Here