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globalrugbyleague - Wed, 19 Mar 2008 07:28:00 GMT
From the coaches themselves to past legends of the game, everybody it seems has an opinion on the Riley Brown “Prowler” hit which left Rabbitohs halfback Craig Wing with a dislocated shoulder that will see him sitting on the sidelines for up to five months, possibly longer.

In a poll taken by a daily newspaper in Sydney, readers were asked if the roosters hooker should have been cited to the NRL Judiciary for his hit on Craig Wing last Friday night.

Eighty-per cent thought the tackle was late and unnecessary and voted Yes accordingly while only twenty per cent said no.

Immediately after the game at the post-match press conference a stunned Rabbitohs coach, Jason Taylor, declared Brown’s tackle a ‘cheap shot’ while his Roosters counterpart, Brad Fittler said “That was just a good tackle. That’s Rugby League.”

South Sydney legend John Sattler hailed it the ‘act of a Coward’ and believes ‘the bloke (Brown) who put Craig Wing out should be suspended. I would have given him six weeks. Minimum.”

Sattler is somewhat of an expert himself when it comes to ending up on the receiving end of unnecessary cheap shots. He himself played with a broken jaw for 75 minutes in the 1975 grand final after being on the receiving end of an off-the-ball swinging arm.

The NRL match review committee made a decision on Monday night not to give Riley Brown a case to answer while vowing to closely monitor the ‘Prowler’ tackle in coming weeks.

It was the only conclusion they could draw as the tackle currently is not deemed illegal.

Coach Jason Taylor has however correctly called for that tackle to be outlawed from the game and I for one totally agree.

There was no way that Craig Wing could have protected his body from that type of tackle. This much is certain when you replay the vision of it over and over again.

He had his back to Riley Brown and could not have known how fast Brown was charging in let alone prepare his body for the impact.

Any tackle by which a player cannot at least attempt to protect themselves has no place in our game and it seems the ‘prowler’ is on borrowed time.

Riley Brown didn’t intend to injure Craig Wing but his contribution wasn’t necessary and he should have stayed right out of it.

Wing wasn’t going anywhere and the two fellas on top of him only had to roll the halfback over on the ground and complete the tackle. It’s not rocket science

Four days after the majority of the public expressed it’s outrage over the incident, the NRL has now put clubs on notice that a repeat of such a shoulder charge won’t be tolerated.

The ‘prowler’ will continue to be monitored this season with some suggesting it’s only a matter of time before it’s banned.

In the meantime perhaps players who continue to use the ‘prowler’ could appear on the moment of truth until this issue is legally verified once and for all.

Congratulations goes out to South Sydney under-20’s second-rower Eddy Pettybourne who scored the first ever try in the newly formed Toyota Cup competition last Friday night. The 98kg forward took an inside ball from winger Jamie Ingram to finish off an excellent passage of play up the middle of the field. roosters however got the bigger bragging rights after scoring the first win of the new competition with a late 14-10 effort over the red and green machine. - Read More, Here