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globalrugbyleague - Mon, 01 Oct 2007 11:12:00 GMT
Rugby League and celebrities are not an uncommon item for our great sport. Combined carefully, the marketing benefits can sometimes be aplenty. To their credit, officials stood up for the greatest benefit of all on Sunday night…..common sense, writes JOSH KING.

For years his beloved Melbourne Storm flew up to Sydney only to be eliminated in week 3 of the finals and then last year in the main event.

His loyalty was not deterred and last night it was rewarded when Molly Meldrum’s heroes crushed Manly 34-8 to win their second NRL premiership.

Within minutes of the on-field celebrations Channel 9 cameras spotted the famous Cowboy hat that entertained us for years every Saturday night.

Still who could begrudge our ‘Molly’ from getting a bit of VIP status?

The former presenter of ABC’s Countdown music program is and always will be the real deal when it comes to being a genuine ‘celebrity’ rugby league fan.

You don’t adorn the outside of your house with Storm colours or get Bruce Springsteen to pledge allegiance to your team if you’re just a blow-in.

To go to the effort that Meldrum has over the years confirms that some celebrities are still salt of the earth sports fans who love their teams and will lend a hand where they can.

This is nothing short of being graceful, helpful and committed to the cause. Meldrum deserves to be this week’s NRL celebrity fan of the match.

Dealing with high-profile personalities however can be a very sensitive business and is probably not a good career move for those with a short fuse.

I count myself as one with a short fuse towards those so-called VIP’s who uphold the idea that there backsides need to be quarantined to private boxes.

Getting offside is something we’ve come to expect from the players out on the field not from the management team of Nicole Kidman.

Yet that’s what happened when Kidman’s crew rang the NRL earlier in the week and asked for tickets to the sell-out Grand Final.

The NRL responded by offering 10 free tickets on the half-way line. If only it was that easy for the rest of us.

When told of the good news, the Kidman camp refused and according to the Daily Telegraph ‘demanded’ a private box.

Telstra Officials then politely told Kidman and Keith Urban they might be better off watching the game on television at home.

I’ve got a better suggestion for Kidman and Urban.

You might be better off lining up in a queue outside the stadium next year or waiting on the phone for half an hour trying to get through to ticketek.

Until Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban do something for Rugby League, our game has no obligation to cater to them.

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