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globalrugbyleague - Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:55:00 GMT
One of the luxuries of working in the media is the responsible right to point out the bleeding obvious without fear of being fined $10,000.

While Rabbitohs coach Jason Taylor went nowhere near the subject of how hreferee Ben Cummins performed inside the second half on Monday night, others will without restriction and rightfully so.

Leading by only four-points against a side which is well versed at winning games in the dying stages this season, there were some horrible oversights which could have been costly for the Rabbitohs.

One was a blatant strip on the man of the match, Roy Asotasi inside a three-man gang tackle. No penalty was awarded when it fact it should have been.

The second was a forward pass being called prematurely when in fact the ball appeared to be passed backwards for the receiver running onto the ball down the right side.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. These type of 50-50 forward passes should be reviewed by the video referee.

It’s these sorts of outrageous errors that are hurting the legitimate momentum teams have worked their backsides off building up in vital periods of the game.

It’s not as if our code will end up stopping and starting the game Rugby Union style.

Merely it means that ambiguous rulings get double checked.

If the ball obviously went forward and the guilty team has no right to complain, then the video referee can put his feet up for another minute or two.

However I am not against having a second type of video referee to intervene if the officials on the ground make an error.

These types of extra video referees already exist.

They’re called television commentators. And why are they sitting in tiny little boxes broadcasting the greatest game of all into our homes while we have food fights on the couch?

Because most of them are former League players who won premierships and who have a fairly good understanding of the rules.

They have legitimacy in their analysis and I believe that if a mistake is made in the game by the referee, then someone in the commentary box should signal to the ref that he’s made an error.

I would trust Laurie Daley’s opinion any day of the week over that of a thousand home side booze hounds wailing in disapproval.

If we want to get serious about reducing criticism of referees in our sport, then it’s time we start fully using the available technology and personnel.

Why limit the wonderful electronic resources we have at our disposal?

Reviewing these sorts of errors two or three days after the mistake is made is not going to mean squat to the side which played the game better then their rivals for the most part yet still lost.

The question on everybody’s lips at the moment is whether or not both Manly and Melbourne can hold onto their undefeated streaks until they go head to head in round 11.

If both sides can win their next four-games, what sort of clash will we see when these two test their mettle?

Hopefully the sort of game we got last weekend in the Jim Beam Cup when Belrose defeated Windsor 22-17 off the back of a Tom Joseph try inside the final 20 seconds of play. - Read More, Here