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Special announcement - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 18 Jul 2008 10:50:00 GMT
This week I made the decision to take some time-off from the operational activities involved in running GlobalRugbyLeague.com
You read it correctly. I’m sending myself to the sin-bin.
Since 2003, I’ve been building and re-building the website along with activating most of the content which I’m pleased to say has helped the site grow amongst unique visitors, monthly visits and hit-rates.
This project of mine is however not my only occupation.
Like most Rugby League fans, I too have been juggling full-time work. On top of that I’ve managed part-time study at Tafe and occasional freelance work on the weekends.
It has practically been a non-stop 6-day affair which long-term is just not viable due to many considerations.
The most important of those considerations being one’s own health.
Physical burn-out is not something I recommend and that’s why I’m forcing myself to find a hammock and have a rest for a few months.
Many great writers have contributed to the website over the years and their work is fully acknowledged and appreciated. It certainly took some of the content production labour off my back.
However the reality is that the operational logistics have largely been my responsibility. As I will be taking some time off that means the site will sadly not be updated for a while.
If I had a magic genie and the economic and human resources, I would not be making this decision.
Rugby League journalism is the best occupation in the world as far as I'm concerned which is why most of the work I've contributed over the years has largely been non-commercial.
The love of the game comes first and any rewards that may follow come second.
I won't put a time line on when I'll be back but my aim is to be primed and ready for the Rugby League World Cup in October which will be a marvelous event in itself.
Thanks for all your support and I look forward to once again covering the greatest game of all in the near future.


Josh King
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