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Smith: Give Me Five - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Tue, 27 Feb 2007 19:55:00 GMT
Newcastle coach Brian Smith has unveiled a five-man leadership group for the Knights 20th season in the NRL.

Prime Ministers XIII representatives, Adam Woolnough and Jarrod Mullen will join senior players, Danny Buderus, Steve Simpson and Andrew Johns to form the five-person group.

"They'll be responsible for a range of leadership issues, including liaising withreferees and management and communicating regularly with their team mates," said Brian Smith.

Former International, Andrew Johns will be team captain.

"The team captaincy issue was resolved after talking to Andrew about what he hopes to achieve out of the season," Smith said.

Johns said: "The way the captaincy has been structured will take a lot of the pressure off me.

"Steve and Danny in particular will share a lot of the leadership responsibilities allowing me to concentrate on leading the team on the field.

Baddley Park, Cessnock
NRL Trial
Saturday 3 March, 2007
Premier League

Coach: Trent Robinson

1. Milton Thaiday
2. Aaron Hartman
3. Paul Franze
4. Brad Tighe
5. Todd Polglase
6. Marvin Karawana
7. Scott Dureau
8. Tim Natusch
9. Riley Brown
10. Jesse Royal
11. Willie Tupou
12. Hanan Laban
13. Kirk Reynoldson

14. Reegan Tanner
15. Luke Davico
16. Kade Snowden
17. Sam Wooden
18. Michael Young
19. Williw Poleo
20. Nathan Hinton
21. Brendan Hunt

Chris Bailey
Danny Buderus
Trent Salkeld
David Seage
Mark Tafua
Larry Tafua
Luke Walsh
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