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Rivalry gets serious - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 01 Feb 2008 02:57:00 GMT
Bradford fans have been given a scare on the eve of Super League XIII with the club possibly facing bankruptcy due to a £3.2m claim by Leeds over Iestyn Harris.

The financial claim comes after both clubs spent in excess of £500,000 on legal fees with Bradford preparing for a week-long battle in the High Court next year.

Leeds are suing their on-field arch rivals after Harris joined Bradford on his return from Rugby Union in 2004 instead of honouring a clause in his contract which gave the Rhinos first call on his services as a league player.

In 2005 a High Court judge found Harris guilty of failing to do this.

"If we had to pay £3.2m within 14 days, we could not do it," admitted Bradford chairman Peter Hood.

"We are not Manchester United. We don't deal in millions of pounds here and don't have that sitting in the bank."

Asked whether it would threaten the future of the club, Hood told the media: "Yes."

Last year's Super League champions are arguing for the large sum because of a transfer fee as well as lost merchandise potential and ticket sales that Harris's return could have provided.

In another twist to the affair, Harris, who will probably have left Bradford when the case reaches court, is instigating action against the legal team who represented him in 2004.

That team is alleged to have advised him that the clause in his contract with Leeds was not binding.

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