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globalrugbyleague - Fri, 29 Jun 2007 07:12:00 GMT
The eels ended their four-game losing streak in round 15 courtesy of a 35-30 win over 2006 Grand Final runners-up, Newtown.

Behind 19-12 at half-time, Newtown never gave up and hit back to lead 30-29 with four minutes remaining. However a penalty to the Eels gave the visitors one last opportunity to steal the game.

The Jets then went within an ace of upsetting Premier League front-runners the Bulldogs in the deferred Round 13 match played at Henson Park on Wednesday night.

Canterbury led 16-12 at halftime and hung on for a gripping 28-26 win over the Jets, who have now lost their last three games at Henson Park by razor-thin margins.

The North Sydney Bears beat Cronulla for the 2nd time this season in an attempt to make their way back into the top eight.

Cronulla narrowed the gap to 1 point when they scored just after halftime. But the Bears Beau Champion off loaded to Jardine Bobongie to return score.

Ben Lowe then put his mark on the match when he intercepted and regained the ball before passing the white pill to Troy Boston who raced 40m to score.

The final points for North Sydney arrived off a grubber kick by Joe Williams for Luke Grant to score. Williams was successful with all 5 conversions

Round 16 of the NSW Premier League will commence when Newcastle battle North Sydney at EnergyAustralia on Friday night.

Prop Scott Geddes makes his return for the match in an otherwise unchanged side

Geddes along with Joe Galuvao, Fetuli Talanoa and Isaac Luke were instrumental in the hard fought defensive match against Newcastle earlier in the season and will no doubt be keen on cloning that performance

EnergyAustralia Stadium
Friday June 29th, KO: 5:30pm
Referee: Tony De Las Heras
GRL Tips: Newcastle

Newcastle: 1.Stephen Gordon, 2.Cooper Vuna, 3.Luke Hession, 4.Paul Franze, 5.Willie Poleo, 6.Mitchell Steele, 7.Scott Dureau, 8. Tim Natusch. 9.Mathew Thurston, 10.Hanan Laban, 11.Aaron Hartmann, 12.Jacob Ling, 13.Riley Brown © Interchange: 14.Kurt Sorensen, 15.Akuila Uate 16.Larry Taufua, 17.Joel Edwards, 18.David Seage, 19.Brendan Hunt, 20.Sam Wooden Coach: Trent Robinson

Norths: 1.Reece Simmons, 2.Fetuli Talanoa, 3.Yileen Gordon, 4.Greg Nichols, 5.Troy Boston, 6.Beau Champion, 7.Joe Williams, 8.Scott Geddes, 9.Daniel Irvine, 10.Joe Falemaka, 11. Eddy Pettybourne, 12.Shannon McPherson, 13.Jardine Bobongie Interchange: 14.Ben Lowe, 15.Conrad Ta’akimoeaka 16.Ryan Verlinden, 17.Isaac Gordon. Coach: Wayne Lambkin

Penrith Football Stadium
Saturday June 30th, KO: 5:15pm
Referee: Chris James
GRL Tips: Penrith

Penrith: 1.Jarrod Sammut (c), 2.Liam Campbell, 3.Richie Wiliams, 4. Jade Williams, 5. Matthew Forwood, 6. Maurice Blair, 7. Craig Trindall, 8.Mathew Bell, 9.Masada Iosefo, 10. Brendan Worth, 11.Bryan Norrie, 12. Junior Moors, 13.Peter Wallace. Interchange 14. James Nightingale, 15.Andrew Pearn, 16.Alex Ranieri, 17.Josh Batman Coach: Steve Georgallis

Cronulla: 1.Brackin Henry, 2.Misi Taulapapa, 3.Bryson Goodwin, 4.Dane Nielsen, 5.Reece Robinson, 6.Zac Mullane, 7.Anthony Watts, 8.Ben Ross, 9.Luke Sant, 10.Jacob Selmes, 11.Paul Stephenson, 12.Henry Perenara, 13.Brett Finn. Interchange: 14.Ray Moujalli, 15.James Banister,16.Dayne Weston, 19.Phil Leuluai Coach: Jim Dymock

Canberra Stadium
Sunday June 1st, KO: 12:00pm
Referee: Alan Shortall
GRL Tips: Wests

Canberra 1.Bronx Goodwin, 2.Michael Brophy, 3. Jack Pearson 4.Brad Cross, 5.Troy O’Sullivan, 6.Marc Herbet, 7.Michael Dobson, 8.Brenton Lawrence, 9.Chris Borgese, 10.Cy Lasscock, 12.Alan Rothery, 12. Joe Picker, 13.Willie Raston. Interchange: 14.Ryan Barton, 15.Wade Grintell, 16.Josh White, 17.Jason Williams Coach: Tony Adam.

Wests: 1.Shannon Gallant, 2.Tyson Muscat, 3.Teason Fa’ava-eli, 4.Beau Ryan, 5. Mark Hendy, 6.Wayde Dunley, 7.Brendan Waters, 8.Pat Galea, 9.Nathan Waters, 10.Toa Asa, 11.Jarrad Farlow 12.Mitch Stanfield, 13.Simon Greaves. Interchange: 14.Chance Bunce 15.Ben Taia, 16. 16.Jamie Szcerbanik, 17.Ewan Cameron Coach: John Dorahy

Oki Jubilee Stadium
Sunday June 1st, KO: 1:00pm
Referee: Bernie Sutton
GRL Tips: Dragons

Dragons: 1.Michael Lett, 2.Ronald Prince, 3.Frank Samia, 4. James Jimenez, 5.Sam Morath, 6.Reece Blayney, 7.Brad Davidson, 8.Ricky Thorby, 9.Tony Caine, 10. Danny Wicks, 11.Ryan Powell ©, 12. Sam Isemonger, 13.Matt Prior Interchange: 14.Charlie Leaeno, 15.Ricardo Young, 16.Casey Ellis 17.Nick Doig Coach: Steve Price.

Balmain-Ryde: 1.David Marando, 2.Jason Moodie, 3.Ben Jeffery, 4.Rhys Hanbury, 5.Lee Bennett ©, 6.Tim Moltzen, 7.Blake Ashford, 8.Luke Harlen, 9.Lewis Brown, 10.Jarrod Saffy, 11.Ben Te’o, 12.Rocky Trimarchi 13.Tevita Metuisela. Interchange: 14.Sam Moa 15..Alan Schirnack, 16.Tom Harberecht 17.Sam Warra, 18.Jai Ayoub, 19.Michael Howell, 21.Ryan’ O’Hara Coach: Arthur Kitinas.

Telstra Stadium
Monday June 2nd, KO: 5:00pm
Referee: Phil Haines
GRL Tips: Bulldogs

Bulldogs: 1.Brent Crisp, 2.Tom Kerr, 3.Damon Alley-Tovio, 4.Tim Winitana 5. Ioane Ioane,, 6.Daniel Holdsworth, 7.Trent Cutler, 8.Jon Green, 9. Billy Ngawini, 10.Fred Briggs, 11.Brad Morrin, 12.Aaron Wheatley, 13.Adam Brideson. Interchange: 14.Jamie Judge 15.Corey Vlaciky, 16.Nathan Armit, 17.Nathan Wynn, 19.Adam Fielder, 20.Frank Winterstein Coach: Andy Patmore

Manly: 1.Dean Connell, 2. Sean Meaney, 3.Sean Dalton, 4. James Mortimer
, 5.Michael Bani, 6. Jeff Robson ©,, 7.Clint Halden 8.Chris Trembath, 9.Aaron Groom, 10.Inoke Tapaatoutai, 11.Vic Mauro, 12.John Grieve, 13.Jason Wells. Interchange: 14.JP Hawach, 15.Sam Key, 16.Bede Tuohy, 17.Mark Offerdahl, 18. John O’Sullivan, 20.Trent Rose, 23.Hayden Stevens Coach: Craig Sandercock

Round 15 Results:
North Sydney 31 d Cronulla 12
Manly Sea Eagles 20 d Balmain Ryde 16
Parramatta 35 d Newtown 30
Penrith 36 d Auckland 14
Newcastle 41 d Canberra 24 - Read More, Here