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Oh, what a feeling - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 19 Sep 2008 13:42:00 GMT
The beneficiaries of Channel 9’s INSANE decision not to show the Warriors-Roosters NRL clash live on Friday night will be fans of the Toyota Cup.
New Zealand – who finished in third spot in the first season of the under-20’s competition – will play the Panthers at Mt Smart Stadium at 6:16pm NZ time [4pm Australian].
And guess what. It will be shown LIVE on Fox Sports.
That’s right. You read it correctly. Don’t go out and get your eyes tested.
The Toyota Cup is being upgraded into first class tonight while the National Rugby League has been sent to the back of the classroom.
The Nine Network decided this week not to telecast a Friday night game live from Auckland at the peak ratings time of 6.30pm in Sydney. This is their choice even though 99.9 per cent of people think it’s a silly one.
Instead while New Zealand is watching the game live, we’ll have to sit through A Current Affair and Two and a Half Men.
According to the media section in this week’s Australian, the total national audience for Two and a Half Men last week [September 7-13] was 1,270,000.
However FreeTV Australia in it’s weekly ratings report has revealed that combined metro and regional viewing of the first quarter final in the NRL Finals series pulled in 1,386,000 viewers.
555,000 regional viewers watched the first quarter final whereas only 342,000 people in Sydney chose Two and a Half Men. [Shakes head].
The best that Charlie Sheen could draw was 384,000 in Melbourne and at worst 134,000 in Perth.
The football ratings I’m pretty sure would have more than adequately compensated the broadcaster.
But don’t worry fellas, it’s just Rugby League. She’ll be right, mate!
No, she won’t be right, especially if some idiot drives by me on the way home tonight with 2GB or the ABC blaring out the window at full-volume giving away the scores.
There really is only one good thing to come out of Channel 9’s fly by the seat of their pants decision in relation to the Warriors-Roosters game and it’s this.
If I decide to go to the beach on Friday afternoon, I’ll have enough time to get home for the DELAYED coverage.
But seeing as most people will be travelling back from work and not the beach, I guess that argument is about as useless as a no through road.

Anyway, I know what I'll be doing at 6:30pm tonight. It will involve ringing up the Nine Network and telling them to "get this shit off the air!"

Both Toyota Cup games get shown live this weekend including the derby between Parramatta and St George on Saturday night at Suncorp Stadium.
That’s another thing that really cheeses me off. Why the hell is this game - involving TWO Sydney under-20’s teams being played in BRISBANE.
I understand it’s being televised and television rules the roost these days but still the geography of the contest does not make sense.
Seeing as there is no live NRL being shown in Sydney this weekend, I’m sure if we worked a little bit harder in terms of marketing, a good crowd would have turned up at either Kogorah Oval or Parramatta Stadium to watch this match.
To me the only winners of this game will be Eels on wheels.
Anyway enjoy the upcoming weekend of footy because we know that the teams who are playing have shown the attacking imagination and gutsy defense to be where they are right now.
Best of luck to all and may the worst teams lose.
TOYOTA CUP – Finals Week Two
Warriors V Panthers
Friday September 19th, 6:15pm
Mt Smart Stadium
Referee: Phil Haines
Touch Judges: Jason Walsh & Adam Reid

Eels V Dragons
Saturday September 20th, 5:30pm
Suncorp Stadium
Referee: Chris James
Tough Judges: Gavin Morris & Clayton Sharpe. - Read More, Here