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NRL 2009 - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 01 Oct 2008 22:16:00 GMT
Melbourne will defend their third NRL title against St George-Illawarra in round 1 next season should they defeat Manly again on Sunday night.
That’s according to the 2009 competition draw which the NRL released on Wednesday morning
This should make for compelling reading over the weekend amongst NRL fans whose teams didn’t achieve anything this season.
Round 1
March 13 - 16
Broncos vs. Cowboys
Bulldogs vs. Sea Eagles
Roosters vs. Rabbitohs
Sharks vs. Panthers
Storm vs. Dragons
Titans vs. Knights
Warriors vs. Eels
Wests Tigers vs. Raiders
Round 2
March 20 - 23
Broncos vs. Storm
Cowboys vs. Wests Tigers
Dragons vs. Titans
Panthers vs. Bulldogs
Rabbitohs vs. Eels
Raiders vs. Roosters
Sea Eagles vs. Warriors
Sharks vs. Knights
Round 3
March 27 - 30
Cowboys vs. Storm
Dragons vs. Sharks
Eels vs. Raiders
Rabbitohs vs. Knights
Sea Eagles vs. Panthers
Titans vs. Bulldogs
Warriors vs. Broncos
Wests Tigers vs. Roosters
Round 4
April 3 - 6
Broncos vs. Dragons
Bulldogs vs. Sharks
Knights vs. Sea Eagles
Panthers vs. Wests Tigers
Raiders vs. Cowboys
Roosters vs. Eels
Storm vs. Titans
Warriors vs. Rabbitohs
Round 5
April 10 - 13
Bulldogs vs. Rabbitohs
Cowboys vs. Titans
Eels vs. Dragons
Knights vs. Warriors
Roosters vs. Broncos
Sea Eagles vs. Wests Tigers
Sharks vs. Raiders
Storm vs. Panthers
Round 6
April 17 - 20
Dragons vs. Knights
Eels vs. Bulldogs
Panthers vs. Broncos
Rabbitohs vs. Sea Eagles
Sharks vs. Cowboys
Titans vs. Raiders
Warriors vs. Roosters
Wests Tigers vs. Storm
Round 7
April 24 - 27
Broncos vs. Eels
Cowboys vs. Sea Eagles
Panthers vs. Titans
Rabbitohs vs. Sharks
Raiders vs. Bulldogs
Roosters vs. Dragons
Storm vs. Warriors
Wests Tigers vs. Knights
Round 8
May 1 - 3
Bulldogs vs. Wests Tigers
Dragons vs. Warriors
Eels vs. Cowboys
Knights vs. Broncos
Raiders vs. Panthers
Sea Eagles vs. Storm
Sharks vs. Roosters
Titans vs. Rabbitohs
Test Match - Friday May 8
Australia vs New Zealand
Suncorp Stadium Brisbane
City vs Country - Friday May 8
Regional NSW Venue TBC
Round 9
May 9 – 11
Broncos vs. Sea Eagles
Cowboys vs. Dragons
Knights vs. Titans
Roosters vs. Storm
Bye: Bulldogs, Eels, Panthers,
Rabbitohs, Raiders, Sharks, Wests
Tigers, Warriors
Round 10 ~ Heritage Round
May 15 - 18
Broncos vs. Titans
Dragons vs. Bulldogs
Panthers vs. Sharks
Roosters vs. Knights
Sea Eagles vs. Eels
Storm vs. Raiders
Warriors vs. Cowboys
Wests Tigers vs. Rabbitohs
Round 11
May 22 - 25
Bulldogs vs. Storm
Cowboys vs. Knights
Eels vs. Rabbitohs
Panthers vs. Roosters
Raiders vs. Warriors
Sharks vs. Dragons
Titans vs. Sea Eagles
Wests Tigers vs. Broncos
Round 12
May 29 – June 1
Dragons vs. Panthers
Eels vs. Sharks
Knights vs. Bulldogs
Rabbitohs vs. Raiders
Warriors vs. Wests Tigers
Bye: Broncos, Cowboys, Sea
Eagles, Roosters, Storm, Titans
State of Origin 1
Wednesday June 3
Queensland vs NSW
Telstra Dome Melbourne
Round 13
June 5 - 8
Cowboys vs. Rabbitohs
Knights vs. Eels
Sea Eagles vs. Roosters
Sharks vs. Warriors
Storm vs. Broncos
Titans vs. Dragons
Wests Tigers vs. Panthers
Bye: Bulldogs, Raiders
Round 14
June 12 - 15
Broncos vs. Bulldogs
Dragons vs. Cowboys
Eels vs. Wests Tigers
Panthers vs. Sea Eagles
Rabbitohs vs. Storm
Raiders vs. Sharks
Roosters vs. Titans
Warriors vs. Knights
Round 15
June 19 - 22
Bulldogs vs. Panthers
Cowboys vs. Roosters
Sea Eagles vs. Raiders
Sharks vs. Broncos
Storm vs. Wests Tigers
Bye: Dragons, Eels, Knights,
Rabbitohs, Titans, Warriors
State of Origin 2
Wednesday June 24
NSW vs Queensland
ANZ Stadium Sydney
Round 16
June 26 - 29
Bulldogs vs. Cowboys
Eels vs. Broncos
Knights vs. Rabbitohs
Raiders vs. Storm
Roosters vs. Sharks
Titans vs. Warriors
Wests Tigers vs. Dragons
Bye: Sea Eagles, Panthers
Round 17
July 3 – 6
Broncos vs. Warriors
Cowboys vs. Sharks
Dragons vs. Roosters
Panthers vs. Eels
Rabbitohs vs. Wests Tigers
Raiders vs. Titans
Sea Eagles vs. Bulldogs
Storm vs. Knights
Round 18
July 10 - 13
Dragons vs. Sea Eagles
Knights vs. Raiders
Rabbitohs vs. Panthers
Titans vs. Eels
Warriors vs. Bulldogs
Bye: Broncos, Cowboys, Roosters,
Sharks, Storm, Wests Tigers
State of Origin 3
Wednesday July 15
Queensland vs NSW
Suncorp Stadium Brisbane
Round 19
July 17 - 20
Broncos vs. Rabbitohs
Bulldogs vs. Titans
Eels vs. Storm
Panthers vs. Raiders
Roosters vs. Warriors
Sharks vs. Sea Eagles
Wests Tigers vs. Cowboys
Bye: Dragons, Knights
Round 20
July 24 - 27
Bulldogs vs. Eels
Cowboys vs. Panthers
Rabbitohs vs. Roosters
Raiders vs. Wests Tigers
Sea Eagles vs. Knights
Storm vs. Sharks
Titans vs. Broncos
Warriors vs. Dragons
Round 21
July 31 – August 3
Dragons vs. Storm
Knights vs. Roosters
Panthers vs. Warriors
Rabbitohs vs. Bulldogs
Raiders vs. Broncos
Sharks vs. Eels
Titans vs. Cowboys
Wests Tigers vs. Sea Eagles
Round 22
August 7 - 10
Broncos vs. Sharks
Bulldogs vs. Raiders
Eels vs. Knights
Panthers vs. Dragons
Roosters vs. Wests Tigers
Sea Eagles vs. Rabbitohs
Storm vs. Cowboys
Warriors vs. Titans
Round 23
August 14 - 17
Broncos vs. Panthers
Cowboys vs. Bulldogs
Eels vs. Warriors
Knights vs. Storm
Rabbitohs vs. Titans
Raiders vs. Dragons
Roosters vs. Sea Eagles
Sharks vs. Wests Tigers
Round 24
August 21 - 24
Bulldogs vs. Roosters
Dragons vs. Broncos
Knights vs. Cowboys
Panthers vs. Rabbitohs
Storm vs. Sea Eagles
Titans vs. Sharks
Warriors vs. Raiders
Wests Tigers vs. Eels
Round 25
August 28 - 31
Bulldogs vs. Warriors
Cowboys vs. Broncos
Eels vs. Panthers
Rabbitohs vs. Dragons
Raiders vs. Knights
Sea Eagles vs. Sharks
Storm vs. Roosters
Titans vs. Wests Tigers
Round 26
September 4 - 6
Broncos vs. Raiders
Dragons vs. Eels
Knights vs. Panthers
Roosters vs. Cowboys
Sea Eagles vs. Titans
Sharks vs. Rabbitohs
Warriors vs. Storm
Wests Tigers vs. Bulldogs - Read More, Here