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Northern Territory next? - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 12 Mar 2008 07:29:00 GMT
Northern Territory fans of Rugby League will be cheering loudly for the Western Reds during season 2008 of the Jim Beam Cup, writes JOSH KING..
And yes, there is a method in that madness.

Territory officials will be monitoring the progress of the WA Reds in their first season of the Jim Beam Cup to get some ideas of their own about possibly fielding a team
in either the Jim Beam Cup or the Queensland Cup by 2012.
According to NTRL General Manager Gary Launt, the Jim Beam Cup would be a better option for the Northern Territory as the QLD Cup is a much stronger competition that could see the new kids on the block struggle.
Launt has the experience to back up that claim having worked as the Football Secretary for the Entrance Tigers last season.
“We won the Jim Beam Cup grand final last year, but probably would have been fifth or sixth had we played in the Queensland Cup,” Launt told Rugby League Review.
The current points system used in the Jim Beam Cup may be an obstacle however.
Clubs are only allowed to use a maximum of 100 points for their 17 players being used on game day.
“To be competitive, we would need to initially import players.
“We need the experienced players to show our locals their skills in order for them to be able to be competitive.”
Rugby League is the number one winter sport in the Northern Territory.
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