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Nines on TV - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 18 Feb 2009 09:23:00 GMT
The international nines tournament which was held in Sydney two weeks ago will be aired on pay television in Australia later today.

Presented as a one-hour highlights package, fans who were unable to get to Cabramatta Sports Ground on February 7/8 can catch a glimpse of all the action they missed out on.

Footy fanatics can tune into the program at 5:30pm on Fox Sports Three right after two NRL semi-finals from last season. A repeat showing will be broadcast on Thursday the 19th of February at 5pm.

The tournament featured six pools of four teams. Eight sides battled it out for the Cup, the next best placed eight teams fought for the Bowl while the bottom eight sides tackled each other in the play-off for the plate.

Global Rugby League understands that the program will feature vision from one-quarter final, one semi-final and part of the final match which was won by the National Indigenous Invitational Side.

Rugby League nines is a smaller version of the full game which involves 9 players on each side. All kicks at goal must be drop kicks and all games normally last 15 minutes (7.5 minutes each way).

Full Tournament Results:

Pool A:
Windsor d. Campbelltown 16-8, Western Suburbs d. Southern Districts 28-6, Western Suburbs d. Windsor 18-0, Campbelltown d. Southern Districts 6-4, Western Suburbs d. Campbelltown 20-4, Windsor d. Southern Districts 18-14. Points: Western Suburbs 6, Windsor 4, Campbelltown 2, Southern Districts 0.

Pool B:
Wentworthville d. Cabramatta 40-4, Balmain Ryde-Eastwood d. Cabramatta 16-6, Balmain Ryde-Eastwood d. Wentworthville 16-12. Points: Balmain Ryde-Eastwood 6, Wentworthville 4, Cabramatta 2.

Pool C:
Mounties drew with Campbelltown (2) 14-all, Brothers d. Chester Hill 20-8, Brothers d. Mounties 20-6, Chester Hill d. Campbelltown (2) 16-10, Brothers d. Campbelltown (2) 24-8, Chester Hill d. Mounties 28-14. Points: Brothers 6, Chester Hill 4, Mounties 1, Campbelltown 1.

Pool D: Bankstown Bulls d. Shellharbour 20-14, Newtown d. Cabramatta(2) 16-8, Newtown d. Bankstown Bulls 28-20, Shellharbour d. Cabramatta (2) 36-10, Newtown d. Shellharbour 28-16, Bankstown Bulls d. Cabramatta (2) by forfeit. Points: Newtown 6, Bankstown Bulls 4, Shellharbour 2, Cabramatta 0.

Pool E:
Indigenous d. Tonga 22-4, Niue d. NSW Universities 6-0, Indigenous d. Niue 24-6, Tonga d. NSW Universities 52-0, Tonga d. Niue 40-4, Indigenous d. NSW Universities 42-4. Points: Indigenous 6, Tonga 4, Niue 2, NSW Universities 0.

Pool F: Fiji d. Cook Islands 24-12, Japan drew with Appin 4-all, Fiji d. Japan 42-4, Cook Islands d. Appin 28-10, Cook Islands d. Japan 52-4, Fiji d. Appin 32-4. Points: Fiji 6, Cook Islands 4, Appin 1, Japan 1.

Quarter-finals: Balmain Ryde-Eastwood d. Brothers 18-6, Tonga d. Fiji 8-4, Western Suburbs d. Newtown 16-10, Indigenous d. Cook Islands 4-0. Semi-finals: Indigenous d. Western Suburbs 10-6, Balmain Ryde-Eastwood d. Tonga 10-8.

Indigenous 8 d. Balmain Ryde 4

Quarter-finals: Wentworthville d. Cabramatta 18-8, Bankstown Bulls d. Campbelltown (2) by forfeit. Windsor and Shellharbour went through after Chester Hill and Campbelltown (1) forfeited. Semi-finals: Windsor d. Bankstown Bulls 14-10, Shellharbour d. Wentworthville 16-10.

Shellharbour d. Windsor 18-4

Quarter-finals: Cabramatta (2) d. Japan 44-0. Mounties bye. Niue and
Appin went through after Southern Sydney and NSW Universities forfeited.
Semi-finals: Cabramatta (2) d. Appin 42-6, Mounties d. Niue 30-4.

Mounties d. Cabramatta (2) 18-6 - Read More, Here