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globalrugbyleague - Thu, 22 Nov 2007 05:29:00 GMT
SOUTH SIDE STORY closely follows the intimate goings-on of South Sydney Football Club – a club that has come to personify the Australian battling spirit.

Overcoming extinction, financially overwhelmed by the juggernaut super-clubs, and fighting for survival every time the players take the field.

With 3 wooden spoons in the last 4 years – 2007 was shaping as another bad year. But all that is about to change …

The club and its new co-owners have invested $3.8M this season to bolster its ranks with a new coach and 5 star recruits.

Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes a Court have staked their reputations and their money.
Only the final siren will determine, was this courage, vanity, or misguided faith.

SOUTH SIDE STORY is an insider’s glimpse behind the scenes: from the dressing sheds to the boardroom, the terraces to the public bars.

It is an in-depth look at a cultural phenomenon in its 100th season and is highly recommended viewing for everyone.

The Rabbitohs returned to finals football for the first time since 1989 this season and this documentary will go along way in explaining how they brought back the magic.

GRL will be giving away copies of this fascinating documentary before christmas. Stay tuned for more details.

Producer: Beyond Productions
Distributor: Force Entertainment
RRP: $29.95
Release Date: October 17, 2007
Language: English
GRL Rating: 9 balls out of ten. - Read More, Here