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Meet The Fans - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Wed, 06 Jun 2007 11:12:00 GMT
There are plenty of happy Eels fans around at the moment. The new coach has the blue and gold back inside the top four while the football being produced is some of the most exciting seen in years.

What is life like following a team that hasn't won a title in 21-years? Josh King found out by speaking to 31-year-old blue and gold fanatic Mark Hepworth from Lalor Park in Sydney.

JK: Mark, what do you do when you’re not watching footy?

MH: I work as a support technician for a global company servicing most of the Fortune 500

JK: When did you first start supporting Parramatta?

MH: It was in 1980. My uncle from Victoria promised me a Hawks sticker but forgot to bring it up from Victoria, so we went into a sports shop in Blacktown and they had League Stickers. I picked the Eels and have stayed true ever since.

JK: What was the first game of League you ever watched?

MH: That I can remember clearly. Parramatta Vs Tigers in 1986. It would have been in a game on Channel 10 in 1985 at elmore. That {game} I went to

JK: The best game you’ve ever seen?

MH: The Eels Vs Norths Semi-final in 1998.

JK: The Worst game?

MH: The Bulldogs Vs Cowboys game last week was less than impressive.

JK: Pick the greatest fight you still love talking about with mates?

MH: Would most probably have been sometime in 1995 or 1996 involving Peter Johnston

JK: Any other members of your family follow an NRL team? If so, who?

MH: Yes. My mother the Victorian is an Eels fan, my Dad used to be a ball boy for Kensington United when Coote played for them so he is a Souths man, and my brother is a West Tigers (Tigers) supporter.

JK: Which rival NRL player would you like to see play for the Eels in the future?

MH: Paul Gallen.

JK: The best thing in life besides Rugby League?

MH: Faith

JK: Your favourite Parramatta player of all time. Who is it and why?

MH: I grew up with Price and Kenny and Cronin and Sterling. I enjoyed watching Rod Maybon play for us, but at the moment Nathan Cayless shades them all as my favourite.

JK: How do you get to League games?

MH:I normally drive, or fly if it is an interstate away game but I do get to all of them

JK: Which Eels player at the moment do you think other teams wish they didn’t have to oppose on the field?

MH: How can you go past the human wrecking ball that is Fui fui Moi moi

JK: How long do you think it will take coach Michael Hagan to win another NRL title?

MH: I hope in the next 3 years. The sooner the better for the sake of some fans mental state.

JK: How do you rate the performance of Eels CEO Denis Fitzgerald?

MH: As a CEO he has ensured we have money, and we are an attractive proposition for people to come to. When his tenure comes to an end, many fans will rejoice, but I wonder who is going to ensure the same off field success.

JK: If the Eels don’t win the Grand Final this year, who is your second favourite team and why?

MH: The Titans. In my time working with some of the marketing people at OzEmail I had the chance to work with the Titans people before they got the license and I can only say how happy I am for them, so they have my support this year.

JK: Who is the team the Eels must beat in 2007?

MH: The other team in the Grand Final. I would like to see us beat the Storm in Melbourne. That could well be a telling game. - Read More, Here