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League's love boat - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Sat, 04 Oct 2008 11:26:00 GMT
The old adage “no love lost” has provided feud for thought ahead of Sunday’s NRL Grand Final in the wake of an alleged love triangle that went wrong.
In a week when all fans hoped that high-profile wordsmiths would concentrate on what’s about to happen on the field,another off-field drama has proven to be too sexy to ignore.
That’s right. It’s time for another media orgasm on the issues that matter…to a few people…who probably don’t care about football.
The latest story involves a Manly player,who a Sydney newspaper is claiming was involved with a woman from the northern beaches while she was still involved in a long term relationship with another footballer.
Affairs of the heart happening in professional sport? That’s a first now, isn’t it?
But to really make us spit out our orange juice at the breakfast table, there’s still MORE!!!!
The alleged tryst has apparently ENRAGED several Melbourne players, one of whom is said to be close to the cheated player.
We are told that this issue could make the traditional “softening-up period” more exhilarating for both players and fans.
Seeing as none of us will probably be able to pick up the forthcoming sledges on our sports ears, we’d better learn how to lip-read over the next 24-hours.
You might want to practice your lip-reading during the Super League Grand Final between St Helens and Leeds tomorrow morning at 3am.
Nope, tomorrow’s game won’t be decided by a field goal, a 40/20, a penalty try or an injury to a key player.It will be determined by questionable moral choices and their consequences.
In my time as a journalist I’ve heard plenty of strong rumors which had I chosen to follow up could have got me a by-line on the front page. I did not accept the idea of covering such an issue.
I’m a football writer not a moral judge. - Read More, Here