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Jim Beam Cup - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Thu, 03 Apr 2008 18:58:00 GMT
The new clubs in the Jim Beam Cup came, they saw, they tried their best but in the end were conquered by their more experienced opponents in round 1.

Western Australia repeated it’s very good trial form and led three times during the hot contest before eventually succumbing 28-24 to Chester Hill at Terry Lamb Reserve.

Goal kicking in the end proved to be the difference between these two teams. Still the Reds did outclass the other teams on debut.

“There is no doubt the fatigue set in late in the game and it’s something we are going to have to have to get used to along with the travel,” said Reds coach Chris Dever.

It’s hopeful that millions of Reds fans will use their fly buy points and travel to Erina oval this weekend to see their team try and clinch win number one at the expense of the Eagles.

Campbelltown re-wrote the history books on debut, impressing the Cabramatta fans by scoring only 4-points while conceding 24.

Southern Sydney were given a lesson in football after Mounties overturned an 18-6 deficit at half-time to run away with a 32-24 win, leaving plenty of supporters doing handstands on the way home from Cook Park.

The Sydney Bulls snatched the first half-century of the season after downing Wentworthville 50-22 in a 9 tries to 4 demolition derby at the Crest Stadium.

Chris Smith scored a hat-trick while Nathan Wynn looked dangerous with the ball every time he ran it, setting up tries while kicking 7 goals.

The Belrose Eagles did a pearl harbour job on ShellHarbour, leading 22-4 just before half time and never looked like allowing the Marlins to pull off a Parramatta after the break.

Round 1 Results:

Sydney Bulls 50 d Wentworthville 22
Erina 42 d Windsor 22
Chester Hill 28 d WA Reds 24
Cabramatta 24 d Campbelltown 4
Belrose 44 d Shellharbour 4
Mounties 24 d Southern Sydney 24

Round 2

Friday April 4th, 7:30pm
Ron Costello Oval
Referee: Jayson Elkins
GRL Tip: Mounties

Shellharbour: Ian Catania, Jeff Zwolsman, Brad Soper, Kieran Stewart, Liam Morrissy Brad Davidson, Blake Dureau, Joe Sang-Yum,Michael Yatras, Jon Green, Joe Falemaka, Daniel Deaves, Jardine Bobongie, James Keelan Interchange: Hans Schuester, Frank Samia, Nathan Reddy, Hillcoat Coach: David Walsh.

Mounties: Channarath Ly, Anthony Dalton, Jamie Burns, Wayne Dargan, Adham El-Zabedeih, Damien Mostyn, Drew Dalton, Pat Galea, Anthony Farah, Ben Weir, Justin Coveney, Mathew McConnell, Blake Champion. Interchange: Demetrius Ainnu, Gus Aiga, Inoke Amone, Chester Paselio Coach: Steve Ghosn.

Saturday April 5th, 3:00pm
Sutherland Oval
Referee: Peter Gough
GRL Tip: Wentworthville

Wentworthville: KJ Mackenzie, Simon Micallef, Nathan McMahon, Tim Mortimer, Sam Te’o, Tim Clayton, James Boustani, Luke O’Callaghan, Ben Bailey, Brad Capovilla, Tim Wynn, Tom Vainga Brett Sargent. Interchange: Todd Eriha, Nathan Cleaver, Darren Lang, Justin Wood, Kevin Prior Coach: Brett Cook.

Southern Sydney: Chance Bunce, Siaosi Liumauno, Danny Godinet, Brackin Henry, Sharlon Tuki, Chris Kerr, Daniel Morris, Troy Adams, Terrence Seu Seu, Wendell Wilson, Steve Stewart, Atelea Vea, Trent White. Interchange: Jimmy Crompton, Fred Pakotua, Greg Kerrisk, Judah Wikeepa, Shaun Nagwini, Cameron Collonette, Anaru Grant Coach: Luke Goodwin.

Saturday April 5th, 4:30pm
The Crest Stadium
Referee: Adam Gee
GRL Tip: Cabramatta

Sydney Bulls: Dane Gilmore, Toufic Nicolas, Mark Butler, Danny Baraka, Paul English, Steve Jolly, Nathan Wynn, Charlie Farah, Brett Finn, Dean Vicelich, Paul Winterstein, Chris Smith, Troy Bushby. Interchange: Nathan DeBartolo, Chris Salem, Suli Koroibulileka, Tom Mansour, Charlie Nohra, Adam Tippett, David Langi. Coach: David Bayssari.

Cabramatta: Sammy Agia, Grant Britcher, James Trotter, Hala Katoa, Moses Allifaalogo, Allan Burns, Aaron Fluke, Chris Yates ©, Scott Jones, Albert Tuara, Casey Ellis, Ross Brown, Nathan Carr. Interchange: Dean Lamb, Louis Vaiotu, Apelu Poto, Nathan Russell, Si’ikaeha Teaupa, James Roche Coach: Lenny Stacker.

Saturday April 5th, 5:00pm
Windsor Sports Complex
Referee: Chris Sutton
GRL Tip: Windsor

Windsor: Shaun Laurie, Grant Muscatt, McConkie Tauasa, Chris Barlow, Dan Chiha, Ben Harden, Craig Trindall, Tito Nuimata, Ryan Russell, Alister Taua’a, Lee Hopkins, Ashley Hazleton, Ryan Tremonte.Interchange: Ben Stewart, Shenelle Haumon, Jason Wrigley, Dan Randall. Coach: Trent Rosa.

Campbelltown: Tyler Aitken, Paul Neville, Grant Lahey, Stephen Harding, Pele Leuluai, Tukia Muli, John Da-Silva, Jamie Szczerbanik (vc), Samual Hoare, Apolo Tiaeloia, Ryan Owen, Sanele Fauula, Troy Gibbs ©. Interchange: Mathew Blunden, Alex Assaf, Mathew Veve, Kurt Austin, Pat Franks Coach: Daniel Draper.

Saturday April 5th, 7:00pm
Erina Oval
Referee: Chris Sutton
GRL Tip: WA Reds

Erina: Josh Lewis ©, Tim Smith, Matt Riddle, Chris Liggins, Vita Hemmings, Danny Lawrence, Jon Tavinor, Mark Meredith, Hayden Karena, Nigel Townsend, Alan Munroe, Luke Mears, Zac Jones. Interchange: Ryan Cribb, Brad Barrett, Jacob Martin, David Vial, Daniel York Coach: Mark Horo.

WA Reds: Ben Lindegaard, Tyrone Coppedge, Michael Kestel, Heath Egglestone, Jason Godecke, Craig Phillis, Ryan Dickson, James Blake, Isaac Thomas, Michael Small, Delane Edwards, Jon Phipps, Shayne McMemeny. Interchange: George Ghazal, Nathan Searle, Taurean Sheehan, Stephen Gherardi, Ben McCrone, Zac Keating, Sio Malangi Coach: Chris Dever.

Sunday April 6th, 3:00pm
Lionel Watts Reserve
Referee: Matt Hawkins
GRL Tip: Belrose

Belrose: Michael La Manna, Lee Cameron, James Mortimer, David Pangai, Marlon Pritchard, Tim Gee, David Marando ©, Shannon Cameron, Jimmy Tuigamala, Mailangi Styles, Steve Carew, Greg Hilton, Peter Delaivuna. Interchange: Martin Cook, Francis Langifisi, Phillip Ranga , Bede Touhy Coach: Peter Camroux.

Chester Hill: Smoltz Aukuso, Andrew Bounader, John Berkley, Albert Hopoate, Mick Taouk, Clayton Sellings, Matt Lamb, Damien Jentz, Darren Brown, James Koloamatamgi, Travis Robinson, Rhys Ellis, Wayne Beh. Interchange: Tony Alo, Jay Wright, Tini Tuitama, Joseph Cahill, Ben Sefephano. Coach: Geoff Robinson. - Read More, Here