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Jim Beam Cup - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 03 Aug 2007 11:37:00 GMT
Viewing rugby league live and exclusive from nearby roof-tops appears to be a growing trend amongst the tens of thousands of Jim Beam Cup supporters.

With only four weeks to go before the contenders and pretenders head their separate ways come finals time, fans of this great competition will do almost anything not to miss a clash.

Sources close to GRL’s investigative reporter, Danny Whistleblower, have exclusively revealed that the GRL Traitor was spotted watching a round 19 game in a tree because of the lack of seating available.

This lack of seating was not due to the infrastructure of the venue but rather the excitement and popularity of the game which resulted in overflowing crowds turning up.

Only two teams outside the current top five remain hopeful of edging their way into the elite finals club. They are Wentworthville (6th) and Mounties (7th).

But for Mounties, the challenge couldn’t be any tougher. On 18 competition points, they must win at least 3 of their last four clashes against Windsor, Belrose, Erina and Chester Hill.

For Seven Hills, Asquith, Shellharbour, Chester Hill and Erina, the only way they could possibly make the finals this late in the season is if the competition table was turned upside down.

The match of the round will pit Wentworthville up against Cabramatta at Ringrose Park on Sunday afternoon. Both sides scored over 40-points last weekend, so expect a tight, low-scoring contest. I can't wait to see the battle of the forwards in this one.

With their finals hopes on the line, I’m going to narrowly tip the Magpies to edge out the Two Blues at home.

An unforeseen loss by Belrose to Chester Hill would then make the remaining rounds very interesting.

Friday night footy in the Jim Beam Cup kicks off at the Crest Stadium at 7:30pm when the Sydney Bulls go hunting for win number two over Erina in season 2007.

Round 20 Teams

Sydney Bulls V Erina
Venue: The Crest Stadium
Date: Friday August 3rd, KO: 7:30pm
Referee: Robbie Bowen
GRL Tip: Sydney Bulls

Sydney Bulls: 1.Dane Gilmore, 2.Sami Rakabu, 3.Wes Naiqama, 4.Nathan Ford, 5.Chris Salem, 6.Nathan Wynn, 7.Luke Millwood, 8.Jason Asplet, 9.Nathan Debartolo, 10. Puna Rasaubale, 11.Chris Smith, 12.Paul Winterstein, 13.Steve Jolly. Interchange: 14.Tom Mansour, 15.Charlie Nohra 18.Khaled Deeb, 19. Suli Koroibulileka Coach: David Baysarri

Erina: 1.Ruben Enoka, 2.Aaron Hamstra, 3.Luke Roberts, 4.Matt Riddle, 5.Ripa Ranga 6.Zac Collett, 7.Jon Tavinor, 8.Daniel York, 9.Hayden Karena, 10,Nigel Townsend, 11.Dave Ryman, 12.Allan Munro, 13.Zac Jones. Interchange: 14.Matt Hunt, 15.Matt Brinckley,16.Gable Gardiner, 17.Justin Rogers Coach: Mark Horo..

Windsor V Mounties
Venue: Windsor Sports Complext
Date: Saturday August 4th, KO: 7:00pm
Referee: Rickey McFarlane
GRL Tip: Windsor

Windsor: 1.Dan Randall, 2.Chris Barlow, 3.Daniel King, 4.Jason Chan, 5.Danny Chima, 6.Luke Gordon, 7.Drew Dalton, 8.Tito Nuimata 9.Ryan Russell, 10.Jason Wrigley 11.Shenelle Haumono, 12.Nathan Russell, 13.Ryan Tramonte. Interchange: 14.Chanel Arama, 15.Ben Stewart, 16.McKonkie Tausasa, 17.Wiremu Weepu Coach: Trent Rosa

Mounties: 1.Channarath Ly, 2.James Burns, 3. Charlie Herekotukutuku, 4.Mark Butler, 5.Demitrius Anuu, 6. Daniel Russell 7.Adam Bennett,, 8.Lucas Riley, 9.Trent Horsey, 10.Blake Blackburn, 11. Justin Coveny ,12. Mathew McConnell 13.Danny Swindells. Interchange: 14.Abraham Pritchard, 15.Shane Saunders, 16. Inoke Amone 17.Alfred Betham, 18.Aaron Mercer, 19.Chester Paselio, 20.Wayne Dargan Coach: Steve Ghosn.

Wentworthville V Cabramatta
Venue: Ringrose Park
Date: Saturday August 5h, KO: 3:00pm
Referee: Luke Potter
GRL Tip: Cabramatta

Wentworthville: 1.Steven Mowbray, 2.Simon Micallef, 3.Mark Luland, 4.Ammon Frost, 5.Daniel Bell, 6.Jacob Byrne, 7.Keiran Herring, 8.Luke O’Callaghan, 9.Ben Bailey, 10.Brad Capovilla, 11.Darren Lang, 12.Adam Capovilla, 13.Brett Sargent. Interchange: 14.Aaron Fluke, 15.Mark Fakahua, 17.Tom Petric, 22.Walter Vaeau. Coach: Ian McAnn/Brett Cook

Cabramatta: 1.Don Thompson, 2.Grant Britcher, 3.Samual Aiga 4.Kala Katoa, 5.Matt Gruszka 6.Allan Burns, 7.Adam Tippett, 8.Chris Yates, 9.Scott Jones, 10.Richie Parker, 11.Nathan Emms, 12.Ross Brown, 13.Keith Heckenberg. Interchange: 14.Albert Tuara, 15.Moses Allifaalogo, 16. .Sika Teaupa, 17.Willie Brown, 18.Joel Latham Coach: Warren Beumont

Asquith V Shellharbour
Venue: Storey Park
Date: Saturday August 5th, KO: 3:00pm
Referee: David Munro
GRL Tip: Asquith

Asquith: 1.Mark Curtis, 2.Adam Kalcina, 3.Jason Mazgay, 4.Anthony Kiro, 5.Clint Stowers, 6.Chan Ly, 7.Steve Hales, 8.Mark Meredith, 9.Claran Williamson, 10.Desai Gupwell, 11.James Puhipuhi, 12.Ina Papera, 13.Chris Lowe Interchange: 14.Daniel Lahoud, 15.Guillame Reffle 16.Bart Masters, 17.Shane Eastwood Coach: Paul Pollard.

Shellharbour: 1.Ian Catania, 2.Jeff Zwolsman, 3. Jamie Manukonga , 4.Josh Champion,, 5.Kevin Neighbour, 6.Nathan Cooper, 7. Ryan Schuster, 8.Jamie Dunning, 9.Lewis McPhail, 10.Joe Sang-Yum, 11.Ben Cole, 12.Brendon Tunbridge, 13.James Keelan. Interchange: 17..Brad Soper, 18.Trent Merrin, 19.Matt Hillcoat, 20.Peter Magnone Coach: David Walsh

Belrose V Chester Hill
Venue: Lionel Watts Reserve
Date: Sunday August 5th, KO: 3:00pm
Referee: Adam Neale
GRL Tip: Belrose

Belrose: 1.David Pangai, 2.Tom Joseph, 3. Todd Barrow, 4.Tim Mortimer, 5. Michael Lamanna, 6.James Mortimer, 7.Willie Bishop, 8.Jared Warren, 9.Nathan Hollingsworth, 10.Shannon Cameron, 11.Steve Carew, 12.Jim Curtis, 13.Matt Mirabito Interchange: 14.Greg Hilton, 15.Peter Delaivuna, 16.Martin Cook, 17.Brad Mcleavy, 18.Bryan Dickson Coach: Peter Camroux

Chester Hill: 1.Nathan Barry, 2.Tim Franklin, 3.John Berkley, 4.Saia Makisi, 5.Mick Taouk, 6.Clayton Sellings 7.Tinetali Papalii, 8.David Thompson ©, 9.Matt Habojan, 10.James Koloamatangi 11.Wayne Beh, 12.Travis Robinson, 13.Matt Lamb. Interchange: 14.Mouhammed Nehme, 15.Tinifuloa Tuitama, 16.Dallas Sciascia, 17.Finau Makamaka. Coach: Geoff Robinson.

The Entrance V Seven Hills
Venue: Edsacc Oval
Date: Sunday August 5th, KO: 3:00pm
Referee: Chris Sutton
GRL Tip: The Entrance

The Entrance: 1.Jamen Mcleod, 2.Ryan Wheele, 3.Shaune Corrigan, 4.Jamie Davis, 5.Ryan Cribb, 6.Gavin Westwood, 7.Alex Moore ©, 8.Chris Birchall, 9.Troy Woodley, 10.Cheyne Lennon 11.Scott Hutchinson, 12.Brett Blaker, 13.Kirk Thompson Interchange: 14.Courtney Rolff,15.Jacob Martin, 16.Danny Sommerville, 17.Corey Knisela Coach: Jamey Forbes

Seven Hills: 1.Luke Ackroyd, 2. Adam Fallon, 3.Darren Peachey, 4.Joseph Swamy, 5.Michael Kassab, 6.Reece Watson, 7.Tarik Houchar, 8.Joe Tuala, 9.Brad Clark, 10.Josh Chaplin, 11.Tim Wynn, 12.Aaron Brown, 13. Matt Kelly. Interchange: 14.Shad Hayward, 15.Daniel Hearn, 16.Brad Partington, 17.Brett Sullivan Coach: Tim O’Brien

Round 19 Results:

Wentworthville Mapgies 46 (Frost 3, Howard 2, Luland, Herring, Fluke triesl; Mowbray 4, Fluke 3 goals) d Seven Hills 4 (Fallon try;)

The Entrance 40 (Moore 2, Woodley, Cribb, Westwood, Hutchinson, Tritton, Thompson tries; Westwood 4 goals) d Shellharbour Marlins 10 (Poisel, Schuster tries; Neighbour goal)

Sydney Bulls 46 (Saleh 2, Nicolas, Salem, Millwood, Mansour, Deeb, Koroibulileka tries; Nicolas 5, Jolly 2 goals) d Asquith Magpies 12 (Stowers, Ly tries; Hales 2 goals)

Belrose Eagles 40 (Joseph 3, Pangia, Mortimer, Barrow, Curtis, Mirabito tries; Barrow 5, Pangia 2 goals) d Erina 16 (Riddle, Tavinor, York tries; Riddle 2 goals)

Windsor Wolves 26 (Barlow 3, Stewart, Tauasa, Chiha tries; Russell 3 goals) d Chester Hill Rhinos 24 (Abounader, Sellings, Habojan, Kamb, Robinson tries; Barry, Sellings goals)

Cabramatta Blues 44 d Mounties 16 - Read More, Here