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Jersey Flegg - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 18 May 2007 09:37:00 GMT
Reigning premiers Penrith are back on top of the Jersey Flegg ladder for the first time after 9 rounds of heart stopping, edge of your seat action.

Minus former coach Brett Kenny (who was sacked despite winning the Grand Final) the champs seem to be improving on the form that saw them snatch their 3rd jersey flegg title last season.

But they are only two points in front of some very formidable opposition. The Eels, Newcastle and the Bulldogs sit on 14-points each.

North Sydney are not the pride of the league at the moment in this division, remaining winless after 8 matches. They’ll need to win at least three matches to get off the bottom of the ladder.

Central Coast coach and former NRL player Jamie Feenie should take a bow.

His side recorded their second win last weekend against Cronulla. Considering they didn’t win one game last year, this is a big improvement.

I understand that if they win a third game this week their will be calls for a public holiday to celebrate.

Only four games are being played this weekend but all are expected to sell – out before capacity crowds.

Best to start camping outside all of the venues to ensure you get a ticket. Be the envy of all your friends and check out this wonderful competition.

NSWRL Jersey Flegg
Round 9 Teams:

Venue: The Crest Stadium, 6:00pm
Date: Friday May 18th
Referee: Adam Gee
GRL Tip: Bulldogs

Bulldogs: 1.Brendan Hikaka, 2.Heka Nanai, 3. David Tehuia, 4.Ryan Millard, 5.Mason Pure, 6.Tim Winitana, 7.Daniel Ezekiel, 8.Tom Moon, 9.Jamie Clark ©, 10.Luke Thompson, 11.Daniel Harrison, 12.Chris Vaefaga, 13.Gary Warburton. Interchange: 14.Nathan Smith, 15.Kele Nuisere, 16.Chris Afamasaga, 17.John Kite, 19.Tamati Nathan, 20.Daniel Folkes Coach: Barry Ward

Cronulla: 1.Reece Robinson, 2.Aaron De Gois, 3.Matt Raftery, 4.Travis Robinson, 5.Jason Fletcher, 6.Zac Mullane, 7.Mitch Mahon, 8.Robert Worsley, 9.Joel Romelo, 10.Daniel Sayegh, 11.Andrew Fox, 12.Jeremiah Walters, 13.Fred Pakutoa Interchange: 14.Daniel Roach, 15.William Wiki, 16.Jason Horton, 17.Quincy To’o To’o, 18, Ryan Carr, 19.Joel Barton, 20.Wendall Wilson Coach: Mitch Healey.

Venue: Mingara Sports Stadium, 1:00pm
Date: Saturday May 19th
Referee: Robbie Bowen
GRL Tip: Balmain

Central Coast: 1.Mack Fawcett, 2.Tim Smith, 3.Nick Briggs 4.Danny Lawrence, 5.Simon Tufi, 6.Chris Hyde ©, 7.Sam Quinn, 8.Dale Langford, 9.Mitchell Ayers ©, 10.Sinbad Kali, 11.Josh Foley, 12.Brent Stevens, 13.Chad Sharp. Interchange: 14.Sam Lewis, 15.Zac Dalton, 17.Tim Bovis 18.Steine Lofts, 19.Heath Lodges Coach: Jamie Feenie.

Balmain: 1.Ben Falcone, 2.Mitchell Achurch, 3.Daniel Greaves, 4.Kingi Akaoula, 5.James Cameron, 6.Blake Lazarus, 7.Marc Russell, 8.Luke McInnes, 9.Steve Moses, 10.Herman Retzlaff, 11.Troy Adams, 12.Leo Faagutu, 13.Paul Marino. Interchange: 15.Tohi Leha, 16.Alistair Taua’a.Coach: James Shephard.

Venue: Parramatta Stadium, 1:50pm
Date: Saturday May 19th
Referee: Phil Haines
GRL Tip: Parramatta

Parramatta: 1.Taputoa Rea, 2. Fareni Moefaauo, 3.Mase Lalu Togagaae, 4.Zac Russ, 5.Iwi Hauraki, 6.Jay Heming, 7. Justin Hunt ©, 8.Broderick Wright, 9.Ray Nasso, 10.Justin Wood, 11.Tim Robinson, 12.Steve McPhee, 13.Josh Davis. Interchange: 14.Luke Motinelli, 15.Sarkis Daher, 16.Kyle Schuster, 17.Alex Savaiinaea, 18.Nathan Tannous, 19.JK McKenzie, 20.Duan Poaneki, 21.Paul Ivan Coach: Craig Culnane.

Souths: 1.Kuki Ma’afu, 2. Chad North 3.Ray Tafokitau, 4.Anga Moli, 5.Abdalla El-Zbaidieh, 6.Caleb Reedy, 7.Trent Trotter, 8.Sione Tovo, 9.Jason Clark, 10.Tim Browne, 11.Joseph Iosefo, 12.Fonua Fale, 13.Troy Seelin. Interchange: 14.Albert Tuara, 15.Richard Barrett 16.Jade Hooper, 17.Adam Swadling Coach: John Amatto

Venue:Townsend Oval, 1:30pm
Date: Sunday May 20th
Referee: Grant Atkins
GRL Tip: Manly

Newcastle: 1.Jacob Jenkinson, 2.Tyren Mundine, 3.Mathew Cooper, 4.Beau Simpson, 5.Callan Richardson, 6.Nicholas Croad, 7. Mathew Sharpe, 8.Joel Edwards, 9.Todd Hurrell, 10. Warren Schillings, 11.Jon Tupou, 12.Jacob Ling, 13.Brodie Hardman © Interchange: 14.Blake Gallen, 15.Hayden Jeans, 16.Dean McBain, 17.Ainsley Coxsedge, 18.Ryan Stig, 19.Brian Clark, 20.Mathew Cook, 21.Bryon Warren, 22.Simon Williams, 23.Ben Wyborn Coach: Phil Williams.

Manly: 1.Lincoln Gutherson, 2.Dean Connell, 3.Matt Grieve, 4. Andrew Everingham, 5.John Grey, 6.Kieran Foran, 7. Harry Berryman, 8.Brooke Nickson ©, 9.JP Hawach, 10.Inoke Tapaatoutai, 11.Jon Grieve, 12.Hayden Stevens, 13.Trent Rose. Interchange: 14.Darrell Jang, 15.Mark Offerdahl, 16.Jack Pona, 17.Santana Palmer. Coach: David Penna. - Read More, Here