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It pays to win - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 17 Oct 2008 07:26:00 GMT
English World Cup players will receive a stunning $27,000 each should they win the World Cup for the first time in 36-years on November 22.
While ARL boss Geoff Carr and Rugby League Players Association CEO Matt Rodwell negotiated giving away half the $650,000 first prize to the Kangaroos, officials in the motherland took a vastly different approach.
English officials will instead hand over the entire purse which comes to $27,093.33 each for five matches.
Not bad work if you can get it without missing the final due to injury, suspension or sleeping in because the alarm from your local two-dollar shop didn’t work.
Carr revealed that the ARL’s proposal to pay the Aussies will involve “registering a loss.”
“That is fair enough. The players have had a long year and deserve to be properly rewarded.”
Some media are suggesting news of England’s generous deal could cause some good old fashioned in-house bitter and twisted jealousy less than a fortnight before the World Cup kicks-off.
There is no word yet on how much the worst performing team in this year’s tournament will be paid. One anonymous source suggested “food stamps”, another said he wouldn’t mind “fast-food vouchers.”

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