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Interchange operated on - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Thu, 27 Dec 2007 06:17:00 GMT
The NRL yesterday went ahead with a decision to subtract the number of interchanges from 12 to 10.

This is seen as good news for the cowboys who are viewed as the best attacking team in the competition against rivals who are exhausted in defence.

In one other 'experimental' amendment to the laws of the game, ball stripping will be permitted next season if the carrier is attempting to ground the ball for a try.

Changes to the interpretation used by referees in six key areas have also been announced.

These intepretations relate to penalties for time wasting on dropouts and quick 20m restarts being allowed regardless of whether the defence is ready.

More protection will be given to kickers in general play whereby the tackler must avoid dangerous contact with the kicker.

Less tolerance will be shown by referees when players are held in upright tackles as a method of slowing the play-the-ball. - Read More, Here