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Hit by a Comet - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Sun, 11 Feb 2007 09:31:00 GMT

Central Comets fans were left inconsolable on Saturday night after the Brisbane Broncos belted their QLD cup side 56-12 in humid Rockhampton.
The Comets – who finished 8th in last year’s 11-team competition - found themselves battling stage fright as they ran out to tackle the 2006 NRL Premiers.
Obviously overcome by the occasion and the huge difference in size and skill, the underdogs bled by 46-points at half-time with the Broncos scoring four tries in the opening 20 minutes.
But the brave Comets never gave up. They huffed and they puffed in the second half and found their first points in the 43rd minute thanks to Todd Titmus.
Aiden Te Puke then showed off some fantastic sprint work after grabbing an intercept. A Nat Bowman conversion made it 46-12.
Brisbane – irritated by a mistake ridden final forty – found two late tries care of local player Nick Kenny and Jamie Simpson.
While the Comets won the second half 12-10, the first-half damage was simply too difficult to repair.
The loss – while it may not wipe out their hope for a successful run in this year’s QLD cup – is still concerning.
The win was the first off-season triumph for the Broncos who fielded only 6 members of the team that denied Melbourne a 2nd premiership trophy last season. - Read More, Here