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globalrugbyleague - Fri, 11 May 2007 09:28:00 GMT
Eels five-eighth Brett Finch was the only player to score a victory over his former teammates last weekend. Josh King caught up with him for a quick chat.

Josh King: Brett, how did it feel to beat the old team?

Brett Finch: It was alright mate. There was no extra joy or satisfaction. It was an important game for us after a pretty disappointing {game}. The second half we probably dropped away a bit but our attitude and the way we went about our game in the first half was pretty good.

JK: There wasn’t a point to prove for yourself?

BF: I had nothing to prove. You know I had four good years at the Roosters, enjoyed my time there and now I’m at Parramatta and enjoying my time here. I’ve still got a lot of friends there (Roosters) and I still socialise a lot with them. I think all that sort of stuff, it wasn’t an issue for me.

JK: What’s been the key to turning the season around after the Eels started off with a couple of losses?

BF: It was tough. We had a couple of injuries at the start of the year, a different game plan then what the boys were used to and a few new blokes in key positions like myself and it took a little while. Prior to the loss against Canterbury we were building and playing some good footy. I think our second half (last week) was pretty poor and if we’re going to compete with Manly we’re going to have be better again.

JK: A lot of names have been thrown around in the media for possible Origin selection. Your name hasn’t popped up. Does that disappoint you a bit?

BF: Nah, not really it never is. My form probably hasn’t been that well to warrant it. I enjoyed my time there and if injuries or anything comes again, I’ll be more then happy to help them out again if it comes to that but mate there’s other people in front of me who are playing better. I think Braith should certainly get the five-eighth {role}, he’s been outstanding this year. He probably hasn’t got the wraps he’s deserved because the team hasn’t been going so well. But he’s been the best five-eighth in the comp and you can throw them all in there…Inglis, Lockyer.

JK: The Eels have got plenty of great talent coming through the lower grades. Blake Green has played five-eighth in Premier League and he’s in your first grade squad now. Is there a bit of competition for your spot and how do you cope with that?

BF: Oh mate, I think they’re doing a job for the team and I think I’ve got better over the last couple of weeks. Obviously you’ve got competition at every club. I never take my spot for granted and I work hard and always try and improve my game. I don’t think the competition for spots is what makes me improve my game, it’s just that I want to get better and you know there’s a lot to improve in my game and that’s what I try and do every week.

JK: What do you really need to improve on heading into the clash against Manly on top of last week’s performance?

BF: Probably just the second-half. We just dropped away a bit in intensity which is understandable. We had a big lead but you can’t afford to do that against Manly. I think our attitude and the way we went about our first forty {where we} completed our sets, great kick chase, numbers in our tackles. You’ve got to do that for eighty minutes because they’re a quality team.

JK: The coach had to address some issues with the team after their thrashing at the hands of the Gold Coast. What did he talk about?

BF: I just think we were extremely flat as a team and we just had the enthusiasm and energy down and it was a good test to see how we bounced back. Probably just our attitude was the big one and that’s shown in the kick chase and numbers in tackles.

JK: Is the virus that hit the Eels camp in round 7 something that Manly should worry about?

BF: I wouldn’t mind a if it gets across the harbour, it might help us a bit. It would be good if a few of them got it. - Read More, Here