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GRL talks to Cronulla's Brett Kearney - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Sat, 03 Feb 2007 08:53:00 GMT

Star Sharks
five-eighth Brett Kearney spoke to Global Rugby League about life after South Sydney in this exclusive one on one interview.

Brett Kearney has never been to the Bermuda Triangle. But he did seemingly
disappear for three years while playing for South Sydney,
starring in only 9 games in total due to injuries and a lack of opportunity.
These days the Central
Coast prodigy is warming
the seat for Cronulla favourite and five-eighth, Adam Dykes. And doing a mighty
fine job.

GRL: When not playing with the Sharks, you are a first grade fisherman
as we understand it Brett, so obviously the bye has come at the right time for
you to get the rod and reel out on the Central Coast?

BK: Mate, I was actually just speaking to my Grandfather
before and he said he's been getting some back at home (Central Coast),
so I'm really looking forward to getting back out in the boat.

GRL: Growing up as a Souths fan, did that influence you to commence
your first grade career with them in 2003?

BK: Not really, I was sought of just looking for an
opportunity and Souths threw it my way. But it was a great way to start being
at the club that I'd followed since I was a kid.

GRL: The Sharks, were they your only option at the end of last season?

BK: I still had a year at Souths but I decided I needed a
change and I spoke to Stuart Raper at the end of last year. He basically said
that if I played well enough, he'd give me the opportunity, so I just basically
backed myself and hoped for the opportunity to come up.

GRL: You only played 9 games in three seasons at the club. Was it
mainly lack of opportunity that helped you decide to leave

BK: Yeah, that was basically the main reason. The fact
that I really wasn't going forward, I wasn't learning anything there. Kimmorley
and Dykes here and Adrian Lam and Stuart Raper in the coaching staff, it was a
big chance for me to learn.

GRL: And there was no one at South Sydney
to learn from?

BK: No, not really. I didn't see the same opportunity to
learn there as there was at the Sharks.

GRL: There's been alot of negative dribble written about Souths in the
print media recently. What did you find positive about Souths while playing

BK: Well the first year I was just happy to be getting a
go at first grade. When Langa's(Paul Langmack) was there, he was giving me a
chance. I really hadn't been around another club but since I've been at
Cronulla, I've seen a big difference to the atmosphere around training.

GRL: Adam MacDougall made some comments about his teammates in the
paper last weekend and was then fined by the club. How would you feel if a
member of your team made similiar comments?

BK: I wouldn't be happy I wouldn't think, especially if he
was saying it about me. He's entitled to his opinion in saying that. I haven't
seen that many Souths games this year so I don't know if what he said was on
the mark or whatever but being a fellow player you don't really like hearing it
said in the media.

GRL: How would you compare a coach like Stuart Raper to a coach like
Shaun McRae or Paul Langmack?

BK: Shaun McRae, I really didn't have alot to do with him
last year. Stu's more of a hands on coach and there's a lot more one on one.
Probably that's the big thing about the Sharks, there's alot more one on one
then there was at Souths, which helps guys with their individual games.

GRL: You're on a one-year deal with the Sharks. Have they approached
you to re-sign you or will you test the market after June 30?

BK: I haven't spoken to my manager for a few weeks, but
it's not something I'm really thinking about at the moment. I'm just more
worried about my game week in and week out and see where it takes me.

GRL: Looking at how well you're doing this year, would it be fair to
say Souths underestimated your value as a player when they let you go?

BK: Yeah, I think sort of. There were four different
coaches there and Shaun McRae coming over, I sought of didn't get a chance to
prove myself to him. I felt personally I never really got the chance. I'm not
sure if that's how it was but that's how I felt towards the end there.

GRL: Would you go back to Souths if they moved to the Central Coast?

BK: That'd be a big decision wouldn't it? (laughs). If
something like that came up, I'd have to cross that bridge when i came to it.

GRL: Obviously with Adam Dykes expected to return in Round 16, has
Stuart mentioned any plans for you in first grade after that?

BK: I'm not really sure. I'm just playing everything week
in and week out. When Adam does come back, I guess we'll discuss it that week
and hopefully they'll be a place in the top team for me. But if there's not
I'll have to go back and play good football in Premier League.

GRL: If you couldn't get back into the halfback or five-eighth spot for
a while, where would be the next best fit for you?

BK: We've lost a couple of hookers in recent weeks. When I
was at Souths I started off playing the hooker off the bench, so {there} might
be an opportunity there but like I said I'll wait and see what Stu has to say.

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