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Denis Fitzgerald calls on NRL to scrap Sunday Games - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Tue, 14 Nov 2006 15:27:00 GMT
In this week's edition of bright ideas, Eels CEO, "Lord" Denis
Fitzgerald has called on the NRL to take a razor sharp axe to Sunday afternoon
football in the future. However response to the suggestion was lukewarm at best
in League quarters.

Fitzgerald - who also
once called for the scrapping of try conversions - believes the
banishment of Sunday matches in weeks two and three of the finals should be
extended to the regular season.

"Look at sport worldwide, it's all moving toward night time,"
Fitzgerald told the Daily Telegraph

"I don't want semi
finals played on a Sunday. I'd rather not have any matches right through the
competition played on a Sunday.

"The game is about night - that's what generates the excitement."

Fitzgerald has a point. It was exciting watching Parramatta get beaten in the
first night grand final by the Knights at Telstra Stadium in 2001 but whether
his own supporter base would share similiar sentiments remains a mystery to the

The idea has provoked a sharp response from high-profile League columnist,
Mathew O'Neil who on Rleague.com called the plan "most extreme and
if it would eventuate Rugby League may as well
be dead, buried and never to be alive again"

Such brilliant ideas can provoke only one question from Global Rugby
League. What will Denis think of next?

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