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Costello dumped - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Sun, 22 Feb 2009 07:33:00 GMT

In a blow considered worse than never getting the top job in Australian politics, Peter Costello has been dumped as Cronulla's no.1 ticket holder.

Global Rugby League was going to cover the NRL trials but unfortunately the breaking of this major story took precedence. We'll bring you all the results from the weekend action on Monday.

For Costello - who once gave the club $10 million in funding to the Sharks towards building a new grandstand just before the 2007 Federal Election - this news could be construed by many political experts as the ultimate kick between the posts.Chief executive Tony Zappia told the Sunday Telegraph the board will decide on a new no.1 ticketholder.
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Too many the news is really not all that surprising given the former Treasurer hardly attended any games not to mention never gave his beloved sharks a free plug in his members biography on the Australian Parliament Website.

So what are the implications of this major national decision?

The long-time Essendon supporter has a couple of choices at his disposal if he really feels the need to respond to his dramatic dumping.

He could give up following Rugby League altogether or in a more diplomatically polite way of saying "Not Happy Tony", he may consider finding another NRl club to adopt.

Some supporters I contacted via telepathy are hoping the man constantly touted on facebook as a future Prime Minister will consider writing a chapter detailing his reaction to this event in upcoming editions of the Costello Memoirs.

There is still no word on whether a press conference will be arranged in the coming days or weeks or months or years for journalists to get an insight into how this moment in sporting history will change the life of a man who once had it all.Opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull is unlikely to be considered as Costello's successor as the Sharks no.1 ticketholder after confusing which football code the Roosters play in last September on national radio."I have to confess I vote for, I support, in Australian Rules the Roosters, who of course aren't in the Grand Final, sorry the (Sydney) Swans", Turnbull said.
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