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Big battle for Billy - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Fri, 28 Mar 2008 14:28:00 GMT
Storm fullback Billy Slater will have a battle on his hands this weekend when he tackles Rugby League’s most intelligent dog, Oscar King, in round 3 of the GRL Tipping.
Slater – who tipped 6 games from eight in round 1 – slipped in form like the rest of us last weekend and is now only 4-points ahead of a Jack Russell Terrier.
Oscar – a long-time North Sydney Bears fan – has had a slow start to the season (6 from 16) and will be looking to make his mark in round 3.
A host of prominent Rugby League media personalities scored zero at the end of round 2 including Andrew Moore (2GB), Warren Smith (Fox Sports) and former panthers halfback Greg Alexander (Fox Sports).
Though none of the above mentioned are affiliated with the Global Rugby League.com tipping contest, all scored less then Oscar.
On scoring one of the biggest upsets ever in League history, the middle aged (Dog years) tipster dedicated the achievement to his hearing when speaking exclusively to GlobalRugbyLeague.com.
“Dogs have very good hearing and when my owners think I’m asleep during televised games with my eyes shut, I’m actually awake.
“I guard the house with one ear and listen to the football commentary with the other and I guess that’s where I’ve managed to learn a bit or two about the game.”
This week Warren Smith wrote in Big League:
“How could it happen? I mean, we’ve all had bad rounds in the tipping comp before, but this is uncharted territory.
“Surely you’re entitled to jag just one measly winner over the course of the weekend, aren’t you?
“I could have got the dog to walk over Big League, page by page, and come up with at least one winner.”
No need to do that, Warren.
Just follow Oscar King’s tips every week on Global Rugby League.com
Other competitors in this year's tipping contest include Australian Wrestling Federation superstar Il Cognito and the GRL Phantom.

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