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Benji's choices - Australian Rugby league News
globalrugbyleague - Thu, 19 Feb 2009 07:41:00 GMT
Benji Marshall could take legal action if a stint playing rugby in Japan derailed his NRL career.
A day after NRL boss David Gallop declared such a deal with a rival code would not be in the interest of the League, Marshall’s manager fired back, saying any attempt to black-ban his client from the NRL in future years would be a “restraint of trade.”

This means the issue might end up in court. Fantastic. There is surely not enough work for court reporters and lawyers in Sydney.

“David Gallop is a lawyer and would surely know that preventing Benji from playing another sport in another country would be a restraint of trade”, Martin Tauber told the Daily Telegraph.
“Once his NRL contract expires and he is no longer registered to the NRL, Benji is free to do what he chooses.”

The comments by Marshall's manager follow comments by Gallop reiterating the NRL's tough stance on the matter.

"If he's got a contract in Japan we couldn't stop him going to Rugby Union." Gallop stated.

"But if it was done in a way where he gave an ongoing committment to Wests Tigers, then it would be a sham and would cause drama.

"If he got a handshake deal with Wests Tigers and then tried to be reregistered we may not register his new deal. He needs to make a choice."

Meanwhile former Eels star and high-profile Union convert Timana Tahu has publicly declared that Marshall should join the Super 14 if he is serious about switching codes.
“He needs to come over here and play over here if he’s going to try and crack it,” Tahu told Fox Sports News yesterday.
“Japan, it’s probably easier on the body, there’s not as many good players over there, it’s really a retirement package for a lot of players.”
“If you’re going to try and succeed in rugby, do it the right way and player in the Super 14 or for the ARU.”
Perhaps after experimenting with the game they play in heaven, Marshall might like to try his hand at professional wrestling as well.
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